Let’s face it…Senior- and C-level executives are under constant pressure from ever-changing market demands to keep their company at the forefront of their industry. That pressure can cause significant frustration if the necessary tools and reports to monitor business data in real-time are not readily available, can’t be produced in a desired format, or can’t be generated in a timely manner.

Data analysis and reporting platforms like TIBCO Spotfire® and Tableau® give executives a competitive edge. How so? Well, these tools allow data to stream in from various, disparate sources and be pulled into customizable reports and dashboards. This allows for a 360° overview of operations or a deep dive into the details. Senior executives don’t have the time to crunch the data themselves; they need the flexibility to view and adjust dashboards/reports with ease so they can monitor and predict trends or spot outliers as potential red flags ahead of time. This insight into their data gives them confidence to make strategic business decisions and allow for ease of tactical implementation – so crucial for a company that wants to stay ahead of the curve.

Once you have data and decide to invest in business analytics, the result will be actionable insights that can help a company focus on real-time analysis and predictive analytics rather than reactionary work on previous events. Keyword here being actionable. Platforms like TIBCO Spotfire and Tableau allow your data to speak for itself so you can focus on analysis and business KPIs, rather than trying to be IT professionals.

Analytics Empowerment