analytics for the maaases syntelli solutions incManaged Analytics as a Service (MAaaS) gives you valuable insights fast at a predictable price.

In the era of ‘Big Data’, companies are eager to use data analysis technologies and procedures to gain valuable business insights from their data. However, the truth is that many companies don’t have the infrastructure, available data storage, or expertise to carry out such a venture.  Managed Analytics as a Service (MAaaS) helps businesses of any size bridge the gap and maximize your ROI for less than traditional analytics solutions.


One of the biggest problems facing modern businesses looking to implement an analytics solution is the lack of IT resources. Whether you are trying to lighten the load of your existing IT team or start a new IT project, we can provide vital IT resources to help you succeed such as:

  • Infrastructure- needed to support resource intensive analytics
  • Data storage- needed to access and store meaningful data
  • Expertise- needed to create, iterate, and sustain a number of different possible data analytics project


No single solution is going to fit every use case; however, we offer semi-configured solutions to get you up and running fast. These offerings include end-to-end solutions that you can take advantage of such as: hosting, software licensing, data storage, monitoring and management, upgrades, training and full end-user support.  And that means two things for your business:

  • You get the best technologies and support for your use case
  • All of these services are included in one predictable price

Syntelli Solutions does everything data. We utilize new data technology to optimize and streamline businesses data access and usage processes to make sure that nothing gets in the way of completing your goal.  We also have the expertise to make you a winner. At Syntelli Solutions, we only hire experts with the product and business knowledge that will help your business thrive. So whether you already have an IT department and you’re looking to expand or you’re starting from scratch, Syntelli Solutions is ready to relieve whatever pain points you may have.

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matt profile croppedMatt Winter
Analytics Associate
About Matt: Matt leverages Business Intelligence tools with his background in Educational Measurement to empower businesses to make data-driven decisions. Recently, his area of work has included the banking, pharmaceutical, nonprofit, and manufacturing industries.
Matt received a B.A. in Chinese from California State University Los Angeles, an M.A. in Chinese language pedagogy from Indiana University, and an Ed.M. in Applied Linguistics, Second Language Assessment tract, from Columbia University. Matt is certified in Tableau, Spotfire, Power BI, and RapidMiner.