Innovation as a Habit

Innovation—the need for it, the solutions that it enables—it all sounds so lofty and far away from day-to-day business problems. Is it all verbal hot air, or does it really mean anything to people who run real businesses?

To those looking for new solutions to familiar business problems, innovation can mean a lot.

So, if you’re saying, “Innovation. That’s nice, if I can get it”, we hear you. That’s because at Syntelli, we’ve made innovation a habit.

Our Solutions Cut through Data Glut

Our Solutions Cut

 through Data Glut and

Reveal Business Trends Worth Knowing

Our capabilities go beyond skillful programmers, knowledgeable data scientists and experienced project managers.

The key is understanding which tools, technical skills and innovative approaches will best help us solve your specific business problem.

Key Areas of Innovation

Data Science

In business, data science innovation is very down to earth. Its objective: to create and maintain a data-driven business culture.

That means staying up-to-date with the latest data architecture, engineering and analytics. Advanced statistical analysis, complex data integrations and natural language generation are just some of the capabilities we put to work in our solutions and consulting services.

Big Data

We’re all too familiar with the term Big Data. Unfortunately, many organizations are still looking for solutions to their Big Data business problems. Our solutions include tools that deliver high-volume, high-speed data processing power. Transaction data volumes that we never imagined—hundreds of terabytes—are now surprisingly common. Also common are analysis times reduced from 4 hours to 60 seconds. It’s just the time savings you need to control costs and assign your data analysts with higher-value tasks.

Analytics Application Development

None of this data processing power is possible without our talented programmers. They’re the folks who make sure that the customized applications, integrations and APIs we use to extend BI platform functionality are carefully chosen and tailored to your unique IT and business requirements.

Still skeptical? We understand. The only way to find out how we do innovation is to see some real-life examples.

Still skeptical? We understand.

The only way to find out how we do innovation is to see real-life examples.
still skeptical syntelli solutions

Experience Our Problem Solving in Action

Marketing Mix Modeling
  • Using the interaction between various channels and the time delay between impact of messaging we can determine which marketing channel or channels have the greatest impact on consumer behavior:

Customer Segmentation
  • Using demographic, psycographic, and behavior data, we use customer segmentation models to enhance messaging for customers.
  • Segmentation allows for more personalized messaging directed at customers, but with a lower number of unique types of creative copy needing to be developed.

360 Customer Analysis
  • Combining all aspects of customer attributes and buying behavior, customer 360 analysis give a holistic view of what motivates your customers to purchase and their typically buying patterns

Spotfire Gauges
  • Sometimes you want a complex visualization packed with information density, and sometimes you want to read data quickly and easily. Using d3.js libraries we implemented gauges inside Spotfire visualizations to create a true “dashboard” for lighting fast insights.

Spotfire Customer Shape Files
  • Shapefiles are a popular way to display geographical information in maps. Spotfire visualizations includes maps at the city, state and world levels. Clients sometimes want customized shapefiles at any of these levels.
  • View tutorial.
Spotfire Automated Emails with Attachments
  • Automation services in Spotfire is great, but we made it a little greater. Our customer email extension allows for the attachment of a file to your automated email. Meaning you can email a data table populated by Spotfire every morning!
Spotfire Server on a Raspberry Pi
  • Installation of Spotfire on a Raspberry Pi.
Schedule Automation Services Tasks from Spotfire
  • Fixing another quibble about Automation Services, we designed an extension that lets administrative users schedule their Automation Services jobs right from the Spotfire Application. No more remoting into your server just to schedule a task!
Analytics Benefit Calculator
  • Tool developed by our data scientists to help your decision process easier. Calculate the estimated net present value from your BI investment.

Analyze Security Logs
  • Created an infrastructure for long-term log data storage
  • Read the details on using Hadoop to analyze security logs
Predict the Henry Hub Spot Price
  • The Henry Hub price is used as a benchmark for the spot (current) price of gas in the United States.
  • Its value depends on the relationships of several variables
  • View tutorial
EUR Distribution Fitting
  • Process to validate if EUR is following expected output distribution>

3-D Drilling Depth Models
  • Visualizing output and drilling progress lets us monitor the progress of each well and allows us to spot locations for greater opportunity

Modified Arps Decline Curve Estimation
  • Decline Curve Analysis (DCA) is a technique used to predict recovery from petroleum sources. Using R and Spotfire, we developed front end mechanisms to evaluate multiple variations of DCA models, including Modified Arps, on production curves.
  • The novel implementation also allowed machine learning mechanism to fit nested regression models for interpellation of values typically hard coded as constants such as initial decline, as well as fitting splines for using multiple models on a single decline curve.
  • Web metric connectivity through R:

Financial: Intra-day stock analysis
  • Sometimes you just need more than what a simple financial website can provide. That’s why we connected our BI tools to streaming financial data using R! Now we can control how we see the data, and create far more precise predictive models than the moving averages typically offered online.

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