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Want to learn what’s really useful (not just “hot”) in BI analytics software? Then follow the capabilities. That is, compare the capabilities of commercial analytics software with what IT buyers are looking for. Earlier, we did that by reviewing commercial data discovery, real-time streaming event data and Big Data solutions. This time, we’ll review the capabilities of visual analytics apps.

Visual Analytics Opens the Door to Quick, Accurate Insight

Visual analytics enables analysis through the use of interactive visual interfaces. It’s a new area that’s creating powerful and useful software tools.

Visual interfaces make data analytics more accessible to business users without their needing specialized IT knowledge or skills. Users engage with these tools by asking a series of questions of prepared data sets. With a few clicks, they get immediate results in a form that’s easy to understand and use.

Significant advantages. So, why should companies invest in visual analytics software rather than more familiar and less expensive tools? Because it provides several important benefits:

  • Greater capacity. Most visual analytics tools can handle far more information than traditional tools. For example, compare Excel’s maximum capacity of 1,048,576 rows and 16,384 columns with modern visual analytics tools, which can exceed 25 million rows. This matters because more data your application can handle, the more complete and detailed a picture your analysis can provide.
  • Faster, more flexible analysis. Visual analytics tools use in-memory analytics tools. They load data into your computer’s memory and help you to slice, dice, and analyze data in many ways, in real time. This flexibility pays off, in shorter times to a decisions and the opportunity to experiment with more varied queries.
  • Ability to combine data from different sources. Visual analytics tools help users to integrate data from many different sources and enable powerful analysis before and during data visualization.
  • Empowered users. The ease of use of visual analytics tools encourages business users to explore big and complex data sets and discover trends before they get aggregated.
  • Better understanding, better decisions. Combining interactive graphics with advanced analytics makes complex data easier to understand. And, visual analytics enables potential outcome analysis and scenario-based planning, which support better decisions.

TIBCO Spotfire  offers the latest in data visualization software. Spotfire enables these benefits by providing faster results, more sophisticated analytics and an easy-to-use platform. Discover how to put these capabilities to work at your business by contacting the Syntelli, a TIBCO Spotfire consulting partner, at : info@syntelli.com.

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