How to Deliberately Pick Your Battles

Presented by Red Ventures

[VIRTUAL MEETUP]   Wednesday, Jul 29th  |  12:00PM – 1:00PM ET

Event organized by the Data Science, Machine Learning & AI Meetup groups in Charlotte, Birmingham & Jacksonville.

Red Ventures operates hundreds of websites serving hundreds of millions of users across the globe. As a result, they are keenly interested in questions of experience optimization – of these k experiences, which should I give to this user? In this problem – as with any problem – there are a range of methodologies that solve it. This range represents a spectrum of solutions of varying complexity and functionality.

In this talk, Red Ventures’ Data Scientists argue that the exercise of navigating this spectrum is one of understanding what the business chooses to value. They will illustrate this way of thinking by diving into the large-scale experience optimization solution stack at RV.

By the end of this talk Red Ventures will have:

1. Described a common use case that many companies face.

2. Outlined a spectrum of tools to solve this problem.

3. Provided a framework for navigating this spectrum in a way that is directly guided by values of the business team.



Joe Tenini

Senior Data Scientist, Red Ventures

Keith Williams

Data Scientist, Red Ventures