Population Health Analytics

Cut Costs & Improve Quality of Health Care

Healthcare is in the midst of a paradigm shift. For many years, the United States has been faced with dual pressures: increasing healthcare costs and poor quality of care assessments compared to other wealthy, industrialized nations. The idea of population health management can help improve these scenarios. Population health management is the compilation, analysis, and implementation of insights from patient data to improve quality of care and financial outcomes.

Population health analytics aids in the delivery of population health management. Business intelligence platforms can be used to record information about claims, electronic health records, IoT devices, prescriptions, and community determinants of health. Since these resources provide real time data, clinicians can practice preventive care and ultimately reduce cost of treatment. By using this data, healthcare organizations can implement strategies to lower costs while providing a high quality of care to patients. Population health analytics aims to answer the following questions:

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  • How can healthcare organizations provide the best quality of care?
  • How can individuals within organizations improve their performance?
  • Are patients receiving consistent and effective care?
  • How can healthcare organizations cut costs while providing optimal care to patients?
  • How can healthcare organizations enhance business operations?
To be successful in population health management, healthcare organizations must assess pressing problems, identify key stakeholders, and create innovative solutions. Data must be collected from a variety of sources including: public health organizations, insurance providers, primary care providers, hospitals, and patients. Accurate analysis of this data can be used to:
  • enhance patient care
  • lower costs
  • improve business operations