Pricing Analytics

Develop High-Impact Pricing Strategies

Deciding the price value of a product can be very challenging, even amongst the most experienced in marketing and business management. Despite the challenge, it is a skill that is extremely essential to learn and perform well, especially in today’s economy.

Pricing analytics is a way of analyzing the effects of pricing, such as who is purchasing a product (e.g. age, class, income, etc.), best selling locations (e.g. store, region, etc.), and also the effectiveness of deals or discounts. By understanding these types of data, salespeople can better determine how to adjust the price value of their items accordingly, thereby overriding competition other businesses pose and increasing profitability.

Mastering the art of pricing is also beneficial in terms of the stock market and employee benefits, such as promotions or advanced salaries. Perhaps most importantly, though, pricing analytics is also useful for understanding the do’s and don’ts in terms of pricing. On one hand, price data can be visualized to display the negative effects of prices and price changes, such as decreased sales, minimal profit, no increased trend etc. On the other hand, pricing analytics software can analyze previous pricing data and accurately predict the outcome of price inflation or deflation, sales and their effect on company profit, and much more. Pricing analytics software, models and analytics are such valuable assets to an organization, as they help businesses understand how much of an impact pricing has on sales and profit.

Pricing analytics will benefit businesses in the following ways:

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  • Stellar pricing practices (strategic pricing)
  • Gaining a competitive edge in sales
  • Making discounts count
  • Increasing stock value and employee benefits
  • Increasing overall business rating and satisfaction