When it comes to data visualizations, effective user experience design is one of the key elements in making the information easier to understand. Good data visualization design can reduce cognitive load on the user, facilitate with problem solving, and help with gleaning new insights.
Poor user experience design, on the other hand, can oftentimes lead to incorrect conclusions.

Below, watch the recorded presentation given during the recent SFUG (Spotfire User Group) Knowledge Sharing Session. In this video, you will learn user experience tips that you can use in future Spotfire dashboards, and make your information easier to understand for your end-user.

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Spotfire Data Visualization

Spotfire Data VisualizationChris Dugas

Senior Analytics Consultant
About Chris: Chris is a Senior Analytics Consultant and has had experience working in the domestic and international finance sector, distribution and supply chain management, energy, pharmaceutical and sports industries. Some of his sample Client Dashboards are for logistics and high-volume manufacturing companies – where he has utilized multiple data sources (SQL, Excel & internal systems) and built Spotfire reports as a replacement of current tabular system.