Read below about our second intern’s experience of working at Syntelli.

Syntelli Office in Charlotte, NC.

Syntelli office in Charlotte, NC.

Enter Ross Wilhite

This summer, I began my internship with Syntelli Solutions Inc. This was not the first job I have had but it was the first professional experience I’ve received as well as the first time I’ve worked in an office setting. I came to Syntelli expecting to learn what goes on in a more professional environment, as well as get some experience doing work related to Computer Science. The first day I came in, I was introduced to programming languages, applications, ideas, and concepts that I had never been familiar with in the past. Over the course of this internship I slowly learned each new idea that had been presented at the beginning. Such topics included programming in SQL and R, using Twitter API’s to compile and analyze tweets, using analytics platforms such as Spotfire and Tableau, and simply working in a professional environment. We mostly worked with Mario Carloni, an analytics consultant with Syntelli. He ran us through a Spotfire training course over the first week of the internship so that we knew and could use Spotfire efficiently enough to do the jobs delegated to us. During the second week we began working with R, a programming language. Our work during this week as well as the first carried throughout the entire internship as we did many different tasks that required knowledge of both.

Syntelli is a fairly small company with less than 20 employees however, the work they do is not indicative of this. One of the most interesting projects we did was working with the Twitter API in a programming environment called RStudio. We used the API to compile tweets and insert them into databases so that they could be organized and graphically represented in both Tableau and Spotfire, both of which are Syntelli partners. We were lucky to have the 2014 World Cup going on at the same time as the internship because we were able to live stream the tweets from the games and organize them.  Using the programming language R, we also performed a  Sentiment analysis on the tweets which analyzed whether the topic of the tweet was being referred to in a positive or negative manner. This part of the internship was probably my favorite because the analytics integration with Twitter was very enjoyable and combined intern work with something I have a keen interest in, FIFA.

The thing that keeps work at Syntelli interesting is that you can be doing something completely different on a day-to-day basis. One day you’re designing tables using SQL, the next you’re trying to organize a client’s data, and within 24 hours you can be doing a Twitter-related project. Combined with the freedom that we had to complete each project, I can say I definitely enjoyed working with Syntelli over the summer. If I had the option I probably would come back to do some more work.

Syntelli Office

Syntelli office visitor area.


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