Because Charlotte’s NFL team is in this year’s Super Bowl 50, our team of data wizards decided to collect tweets for sentiment analysis for the two teams: The Panthers and The Broncos. The Super Bowl 50 data viz was created by two of our data wizards – Jaya Akella and Matt Winter.

How it was done: Our team of data scientists created a Python application which does sentiment analysis via Naive Bayes classification. The model was trained using data from Sentiment140. They then connected the Python app to the Twitter streaming API. 

About the viz: Once the data was ready, our team created the data visualization below in Tableau Public.
To interact with the visualization, use the filter on the right as well as the helmets and map to filter the twitter sentiment analysis. Tweets have been analyzed and labeled as positive (gold) or negative (black) as well as given a score. Check back every day to see the updated analysis as we get closer to the Super Bowl!

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