Big Data = Big Profits

David Edelman of McKinsey and Company recently published a great article that all marketers should read. It will encourage marketers to ‘ stop worrying, and love the data.’ Those who embrace big data to empower their organization to make better, bigger strategic decisions will see bigger profits and better ROI.


Data Marketing

Screenshot Credit: McKinsey & Company


The key is to focus on the short-term and long-term impacts you’d like your data to help create with your marketing efforts. Since tons of social data happens in the short-term, that data tends to dominate analysis and skew decisions towards the short-term impact they’ll have. Make sure to find that right balance!


Read the full article here to see the entire infographic and how it illustrates the ‘big picture’ on how marketers can best use data to turn a profit and prove ROI.


Credit: McKinsey & Company