Best Big Data Combo - Cloudera Impala and TIBCO

The News:

Last week, TIBCO Spotfire announced its partnership with Cloudera, by developing a certified connector through the Cloudera Accelerator Program. With the proliferation of data in organizational settings, companies are choosing Cloudera to solve the problem of storing vast volumes of data, economically. And TIBCO Spotfire continues to be the leading business intelligence tool that allows users to derive valuable insights from their data. The combination of Impala, the leading analytic database, and Spotfire made sense in the evolution to bring the users to best of both worlds – fast access to big data and the ability to visualize multiple data-sets without any hassle.

Why It’s Important:

In his article, Thomas Bloomberg, Senior Product Manager at TIBCO Spotfire, explains the importance of this partnership:
“By simply installing the Cloudera driver in the Spotfire analytics software, users can connect to the Impala cluster – and they’re off to a great start. They don’t have to be modelers or coders who write complex queries – Spotfire’s built-in intelligence generates the optimized queries needed to visualize the data in Hadoop, and (when necessary to join with your other data) get the data out of Hadoop, allowing users to concentrate on data discovery and insightful analysis. “

Who Is It For:

For any Spotfire users* (beginners to highly technical), business and IT analysts
*No need to be a modeler or coder to write complex queries

Summary of Benefits:

• Faster access to big data
• Can execute complex queries in Impala database, only brining the results into memory
• Allows to compare multiple data-sets in visualization
• Provides an interactive analytic experience with production compatibility
• Optimized queries can be generated to visualize data in Hadoop, as well as get additional data from Hadoop
• Users can concentrate on data discovery and analysis instead of spending time on queries
• Can combine with Spotfire’s geo analytic capabilities to use with geographical data
• Spotfire + Hadoop also allows less technical users to analyze large Hadoop datasets, via TERR

Read the full article on Cloudera Impala and TIBCO Spotfire partnership here.

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