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All the data in the world would become useless if people were unable to read it. This is where data visualization helps. Data visualization displays data in a manner that allows people to effectively gain insights from it. Today, data visualization has become a vital aspect of data analysis to anticipate outcomes, determine patterns and improve business returns. Outcomes of tabular or spatial data are conveyed in a visual format with data visualization, as images are known to easily catch attention and clearly demonstrate ideas. This further aids managers in decision making and acting upon improvements. Using the right data visualization tool, businesses can depict a convincing visual story from their raw data.

Another purpose of data visualization tools is to get the trends and patterns out of raw data. Data visualization is the most important component of working with various big data analytics solutions. When raw data is represented in the form of images, insights become immediately visible, accelerating the decision-making process. To comply with this, a good big data visualization tool is required to possess certain features such as processing different types of incoming data, interaction abilities through filter and marking options, and providing the option for its users to collaborate.

Data visualization is an effort to help people understand the significance of data by placing it in a visual context. Basically, among a large data set, patterns, trends, and correlations would be impossible to detect without a data visualization software. Today’s tools are able to display data in more sophisticated ways with geographic maps, heat maps, various types of charts, and even customized JavaScript graphics with the help of technologies such as D3.JS. To be even more effective, these graphics need to have interactive capabilities allowing users to manipulate or drill into the data, in order to unveil hidden insights. Alerts can also be implemented based on pre-defined criteria and triggers.

Data visualization tools can either automatically create visualizations or allow you to configure your own. Free data visualization tools such as Tableau Gallery and Microsoft Power BI allow to quickly and easily create infographics able to meet a manager’s need, allowing to dive deeper into the analysis than the decades-old Microsoft Excel. Using their data wrangling abilities, those data visualization tools are also capable of performing sophisticated analysis without any knowledge of SQL being necessary.


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