Reporting & Visualization

Quicker Insights from your Data

Syntelli can help you get quicker insights, explore and understand your data with powerful dashboard visualizations and BI reporting from leading visual analytics providers such as Spotfire, Tableau, and Qlikview.

Syntelli offers Spotfire Managed Support through a team of dedicated consultants who provide the highest level of support at fraction of the cost, while giving you direct access to the best Spotfire support team on the planet!

Our Managed Support service is staffed by our highly experienced, certified, dedicated team of Spotfire analytics professionals. Our managed services is offered at a customized low subscription price. The offering includes support on everything Spotfire, including upgrades and installs to latest version, answering questions about product use and features to specialized training on new releases and more.

Syntelli also offers support for Tableau Desktop and Tableau Server. While Tableau is easy and intuitive to use, getting the data to be user-friendly is often challenging. This is where our trained consultants come in to help.

Here are just a few of the things that we can help your organization, when using the Tableau tool: data shaping, custom query, custom data source, architecting a business intelligence environment, optimizing the data, online availability of reports and others.

Learn more about Tableau Support.

Syntelli offers managed support services for QlikView users, including dedicated training, consulting and implementation.

QlikView’s simplicity has enabled thousands of companies worldwide to search, consolidate and visually analyze data. Powered with automatic associations, QlikView allows for ad hoc queries without predefined structures and hierarchies. The platform’s unrestricted analysis of data helps business users faster and more accurate decisions.

Contact one of our data scientists to learn how we can help you make the most of QlikView’s powerful analytics capabilities.

Syntelli also offers support for Power BI. Although being the newest of the Bi platforms on the market, Power BI offers some advanced features at a competitive price! At Syntelli, we stay on top of the rapid changes and updates to Power BI and can help you succeed in the areas of enterprise adoption, report generation, design and automation, custom visualizations, custom queries, and more.

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