Cloud-Based Data Analytics - data visualization cloud serviceFor the last several years, it’s been almost impossible to avoid mention of big data or cloud-based services. But sometimes, there’s a good reason for the buzz: in science and business there’s a whole lot of innovation going on.

Where’s the story, you ask? It’s good news. Although we create more data every day, storing and analyzing it remains amazingly affordable. It all comes down to managing three major components:

  • More and more data to work with
  • Low-cost data storage
  • Cheap processing power

But, there’s another part of the story. Where you store, analyze and manage your data can make a big difference in terms of costs, flexibility and time to delivery.

Cloud-Based Data Analytics Services Cut the Costs and Delays of On-Premises Analysis

When you analyze and manage data on-premises, capital and operations expenses pay for a constant level of resources. Sometimes, you need more. Often, resources sit idle until your next big project. Cloud-based services provide just the right amount of resources you need at any time:

  • Avoid or reduce costs. On-premises, the problems you solve often depend on the resources you can afford. If an important problem requires more of anything, you might not be able to assemble what you need, especially if deadlines are short. Cloud-based resources make it easy to rent extra resources for as much or little time as needed.
  • Avoid delays. After your onsite initiative gets started, you might not have enough computing resources. Increase the staff or scope of operations, and before you know it, you’re handling more data than you can manage.

No one wants to wait for data processing delays. With cloud-based services, your data analysts and business users won’t have to. Adding processing power requires a few clicks, and you’re off to the races.

  • Extend resources for complex deployments: Cloud-based data analytics services such as AWS provide complete design and test environments. In them, you can collect data, run your models and then deploy them. This enables you to avoid the time, effort and costs of setting up a physical environment inhouse.
  • Test new ideas. When it’s important to quickly establish and test a new idea, it’s much easier to use cloud-based services. You can quickly build prototypes without worrying about version control and scalability. Once you have proven the concept, you can always build a production stack later.

Now, you can put these capabilities to work in your data analytics projects.

Take the Plunge: Try Out Big Data Analytics in the Cloud

Our new cloud-based data analytics service enables you to discover, analyze and manage virtually any size data set more quickly than you could on-premises.

We’re offering our AWS Test Drive to introduce our new cloud service. It provides a remote computing environment, which includes fully configured Apache Drill and TIBCO Spotfire software as a service. Its major components include:

  • AWS environment. Amazon provides very good documentation and a hassle-free environment, which you can scale up quickly. We provide a machine loaded with Apache Drill and TIBCO Spotfire as a service.
  • Spotfire data analysis and visualization. Help business users and data analysts make sense of virtually any size data set.
  • A ready-to-use Hadoop cluster. Put our service to the test—try out rapid prototyping and complex deployments in our AWS-Hadoop environment. It’s a fully functional, 3-node Hadoop cluster with a Spotfire desktop fully configured with Apache Drill.

Discover how remote computing with Apache Drill and Spotfire as a service can provide powerful, flexible resources.

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Shikha-Data Visualization Cloud Service Shikha Kashyap
Chief Technology Officer
About Shikha: Shikha is a tech leader with deep expertise in emerging technologies such as Big Data analytics using MapR, Hortonworks, Tableau, and Spotfire. Her experience includes working with Fortune 500 companies, implementing solution design, architecting, and project managing. Shikha leads Technology for Syntelli and is passionate about non-profit causes and giving back to the community.