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Google Analytics Machine Learning Enrichment

A solution to augment the insights coming from Google Analytics.

Did you know? Approximately 30 to 50 million companies use Google Analytics to track their website’s metrics and traffic. But the question is, how many of these companies are truly using Google Analytics to its full potential? 

Google Analytics on its own can be compared to a self-driving car that only uses information from the rear-view mirror. But alongside Machine Learning, data can be interpreted to make business decisions and ensure a smooth ride. 

Through this e-book we answer relevant questions on how GA Machine Learning Enrichment can transform your company including: 

  • How do you predict future market and website traffic trends? 
  • What web reporting metrics are the most beneficial? 
  • How do you develop engaging communication with customers? 

This e-book covers topics such as:

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Developing Prediction Models
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Adding Dimension to Reporting
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Roles & Resources

Resource Pool, Full Stack Data Science
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Enhanced Business Value

Increase in customer loyalty, retention and lifetime value.
Discover the ways your marketing department can benefit and grow through the GA Machine Learning Enrichment e-guide.