Data Science

Transition from Insights to Impact

Data, big or small, is only as good as our ability to understand and use it. Both today and into the future, obtaining meaningful and actionable information from the data we possess is critical.

At Syntelli Solutions, we endeavor to fully and accurately understand our client’s goals and leverage all data available to move them from simply seeing insights and information to making a powerful impact. We are not merely providing the numbers behind what you already know; we are providing context and connections that allow forward-looking analyses, better answers to challenging questions, and positive growth for your business. We follow a process that allows for innovation and the creation of game-changing strategies which are measurable and sometimes revolutionary, and we offer holistic solutions using a multidisciplinary, integrated approach.

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Careful understanding of each client’s unique situation

Deliberate yet adaptable approaches


We acknowledge that every client is different. Each has different motivations, different goals, different timelines, different infrastructures and different measures of success. That’s why we start by asking questions and spend more time listening than talking. We seek to understand the hard problems and the environments in which they exist. We then work with our clients to create practical hypotheses rooted in reality. From here we begin to apply the appropriate toolset and discipline to find a solution. Through continued, close communication we mold and adapt our approach to ensure our solution will meet every need and provide impactful results for your business.

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Unrivaled depth of experience

Holistic, meaningful solutions with transformative results

Integrate and Transform

The true power of data lies in the combination of all relevant sources and the transformation of that product into something greater than the sum of its parts. This is where our unique experience in the discipline of Data Science shines. All too often, new and powerful tools are applied to the same information which has been examined for years, yielding lackluster results. Or worse yet, companies don’t know what to do with their data or aren’t even capturing useful data to begin with. Conversely, we strive for truly transformative results.

What sets us apart?

The fact we understand data from the business perspective. Syntelli operates across a wide breadth of fields and industries, with experience in everything from oil and gas to finance to healthcare, and we can leverage our expertise within and across these fields to develop unique and innovative solutions.

Furthermore, we leverage our depth of experience within all five key stages of the data science lifecycle – capture, maintain, process, analyze, communicate – and across various specializations within the data science discipline, like machine learning, predictive analytics, and data visualization.

We work with your data to create new and innovative designs which are tailored to the specific problem we are trying to solve. It may take a variety of shapes, from disparate data coming together, to measuring the velocity of combined vectors, or even the integration of descriptive and predictive statistics. Regardless, we will work with you and design whatever solution is necessary, while never taking our eyes off of your goal.

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Added value with a clear return on investment

Do more with your data and do it better


Knowledge gained; problem solved; action ready to be taken. Data Analytics is the path from inquiry to insights, while Data Science is the path from insights to impact.

The former is beneficial, but the latter can provide added value across your business. We design our solutions from the beginning to meet your goals while ensuring adoption, sustained use, and a clear ROI. We also focus on critical areas of business operation, such as improving the relevance of your products through historical analysis and market comparisons, recruiting better workers with the use of data mining, narrowing in on your ideal target audience, or simply making better-informed decisions with quantifiable information. Our solutions come together with open communication, elegance in design, ease of implementation, and long-term support that delivers consistent results over time. Our goal is to holistically solve your problem, add value to your business, and provide steadfast support throughout the entire process.

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