Data Science

Transition from Insights to Impact

Data, big or small, is only as good as our ability to understand and use it. The practice of Data Science seeks to holistically solve problems using a multidisciplinary, integrated approach.

At Syntelli Solutions, we endeavor to deeply understand our client’s goals and leverage all data available to move from insights to impact. We follow a process that allows for innovation and creation of game changing strategies which are measurable and sometimes revolutionary.


We acknowledge that every client is different. Each have different motivations, different goals, different timelines, different infrastructures and different measures of success. That’s why we start by asking questions and spend more time listening than talking. We seek to understand the hard problems and the environments in which they exist. We then work with our clients to create practical hypothesis rooted in reality. From here we begin to apply the appropriate toolset and discipline to find a solution.

Integrate and Transform

The power of data is the combination of all relevant sources and the transformation of that product into something greater than the sum of its parts. This is where Data Science shines. All too often, new and powerful tools are applied to the same information which has been examined for years, for lackluster results. Conversely, we work with your data to create new and innovative designs which are tailored to the specific problem we are trying to solve. It may take the shape of disparate data coming together, measuring the velocity of combined vectors or the integration of descriptive and predictive statistics. We will design whatever is necessary, while never taking our eyes off your goal.


Problem solved. Data Analytics is the path from inquiry to insights, while Data Science is the path from insights to impact. We design our solutions from the beginning to meet your goals while ensuring adoption and a clear ROI. Our solutions come together with open communication, elegance in design, ease of implementation, and long term support that delivers consistent results over time. Our goal is to solve your problem and support you all along the way.

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