Services for all your Data Needs

We are all about Data! We work with our clients to provide solutions to all kinds of Big Data challenges. Whether it’s a high-volume data processing job for a Fortune 100 company, a high-velocity processing challenge for a mid-sized enterprise, or a job that integrates many types of data, we serve our clients at every level of their organization. We’ve become a trusted adviser to senior managers and as problem solver for line of business and IT teams.

In our Managed Analytics as-a-Service (MAaaS) offering, we work with clients to transform recommendations into practice. Our data specialists work directly with clients over long periods to develop data strategies, refine data governance and security and deliver business insights with innovative data models.

Our team includes patent holders and former academics and business executives. They build and maintain advanced data models that give clients a better understanding of their data and help them make better, faster decisions. We focus on providing clients with the right solution and using technology that best suits their unique business and technical requirements.

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Why work with us?

  • Turn your data into intelligence.
  • Improve business process performance
  • Identify your highest-value business opportunities.
  • Source the most relevant internal and external data.
  • Apply world-class data analytics and modeling to drive growth of your organization.

Our Data-Driven and Innovative Consultants Have Experience in the Following:


  • Financial Services
  • Insurance
  • Retail and CPG
  • Pharmaceuticals and life sciences
  • Healthcare
  • Utilities and telecommunications
  • Manufacturing
  • Oil and gas
Business Functions

  • Marketing and sales
  • Human Resources
  • Financial Services, banking and insurance
  • Operational solutions
  • IT Management
Big Data Technologies

  • Hadoop
  • MapR
  • Hortonworks
  • RapidMiner
  • Tableau
  • Spotfire
  • Python/R
  • Spark

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