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Leaders in the Telecommunications space are driving smarter network capacity planning by leveraging modern technologies in analytics and machine learning. Telecommunications has seen increasing capital expenditure and falling ARPU trends over the last few years. In return, companies must focus on optimizing the customer experience to maintain competitiveness and drive return on investment. Capacity Planning Analytics applied by Syntelli allows you to gain more network investment visibility. Forecast models focus on the signals that impact your bottom line business and not the noise that surrounds it.

Telecommunications companies are emerging leaders in the IoT space, ramping up investments at an exponential pace. IoT presents new opportunities to maintain a complete customer view and increase customer satisfaction. Analytic methods have emerged specific towards crunching the mountains of data that the multiple devices are collecting.

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The telecom industry is beginning to leverage customer data in new ways. By utilizing this data, companies are able to gain valuable insight into their customers, and subsequently, deliver more precise products, offers, and other marketing messages to their customers with greater success rates.  There are a number of possible avenues for pursuing customer intelligence and Syntelli’s analytics solutions can support all of them.

Relationship Marketing is a core component to every telecommunication company. Personalization strategy are critical in to remain relevant and competitive. Syntelli has developed the Test and Learn Analytics for Marketing solution to aid marketing departments to maximize their marketing assets. The Syntelli solution blends together three analytic marketing deployment testing methods into a single solution, where each process fits a specific marketing deployment design.

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Google Analytics is undoubtedly the golden standard in today’s world for web analytics reporting; providing a wealth of useful information. However, where it lacks is the ability to report on the “why”, “how” and “what’s next?” aspects of your business.

To prosper and grow you must be able to understand the past, predict the future both short and long term, and react accordingly. This specific need is what has inspired Syntelli Solutions to develop a solution to augment the insights coming from Google Analytics.

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Syntelli provides a variety of marketing analytics services within the telecommunications industry. With applied analytics, we are able to deliver advanced marketing mix and propensity models to help maximize your marketing budget’s return on investment.
Organizations in the Telecommunications industry leverage Marketing Mix Model analytics to identify and attract high value customers. The models provide insights which guide where to wisely invest marketing budgets across channels to optimize ROI. The model outputs also provide substantial direction with respect to creating brand and product awareness to influence customers to upgrade services and packages.
Who is likely to upgrade their services? Who will likely respond to an offer to purchase a premium package? Which customers are most likely to churn? Syntelli holds deep knowledge to identify segments of your customer population that represent those display the characteristics of which you can deploy monetizable actions. Our Data Scientist are experts in Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, using classic and contemporary methods.
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Maintaining positive customer relations is vital for Telecommunications companies. Customers are making themselves heard by engaging across many platform touchpoints including call centers. Call center communications provide a wealth of data which can identify opportunities to enhance communication efficiency and help drive customer loyalty.

Syntelli has developed a Voice of the Consumer solution which uses the textual data information, including voice-to-text, as a primary source of signal. We quantity the data by taxonomy and sentiment dimensions for use in exercises to optimize call routing processes, predict disposition codes and identify trends in product quality measures.

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Syntelli has the experience and expertise to not only identify fraudulent activity within your business but provide insight that allows you to address those discoveries and prevent further instances of fraud. We apply analytics solutions that incorporate four deep learning methods to continually identify emerging patterns and better detect fraudulent activity.
With the growth of smartphone technology, there has been a rise in targeted fraud attacks to gain equipment for resale. High value handsets are obtained via subscription, application, identity and account takeover fraud. Fraudsters manipulate existing accounts to obtain equipment that they can resell for high value. This type of fraud is on the rise as the value of equipment rises and has become more prevalent and directed.

Syntelli applies analytic methods to detect fraud which incorporates four deep learning methods to continually find emerging patterns.

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