Data Engineering

Store, Organize & Process your Data

Not long ago, companies had to deploy costly enterprise data warehouses and data marts to store, process, and analyze their huge inflows of data. Along with high upfront costs, in-house DW requires distributed, scalable and reliable infrastructure and IT expertise. To help companies replace their costly in-house data infrastructure and turn their big data pipelines into robust systems prepared for business analytics, Syntelli offers its data engineering solutions.

Powering Your Big Data Architecture
Cloud-based solutions use Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark to store, process, and analyze your data. Storing data in Hadoop and Apache Spark systems, you benefit from flexible and extensible API and in-memory processing that supports multiple workloads such as batch, stream, machine learning, on-demand caching, and efficient administrative support delivered by Syntelli data experts. With all this comes rapid data wrangling, cleansing, optimization, application of custom business rules, and powering your data with AI (Artificial Intelligence) Models provided as part of Syntelli Predictive Analytics services and Apache Kylin Distributed Analytics Engine.
Using Data Lakes Solutions
Syntelli offers enterprise data lake solutions built on top of Hadoop technology. Creating a single store for various data types and structures, Syntelli helps companies kick-start their predictive analytics strategies without worrying about maintaining expensive enterprise data warehouses. Offering a faster and lower-cost alternative to EDW (Enterprise Data Warehouses), data lakes reduce the time-to-market on new products offerings and instantly power your raw data with predictive analytics and data visualization solutions. Used in the bundle with Big Data and AI solutions, data lakes become an indispensable asset for companies seeking to make sense of diverse data structures to improve the quality of business decision-making.
Transferring Your Data to an Enterprise Data Warehouse
Enterprise data warehouse (EDW) solutions enable companies to shift money from capital expenses into costly EDW infrastructure, expertise, and knowledge to operating expenses. Transferring data to an EDW enables our consumers to concentrate on the areas of their core competence, such as business process and sales, instead of building and maintaining in-house IT infrastructure. Built on agile integration approach that overcomes data complexity and efficiently manages diversity, EDW solutions provide companies with timely, fast, and location-independent access to their data, ensure efficient utilization of storage resource and leveraging business insights generated by hosted analytics solutions. All these benefits come with improved data security, backup, and recovery management to create fault-tolerant data warehouses.
Build Reports and Data Visualizations
Syntelli offers BI reporting and dashboard visualizations via TIBCO Spotfire and Tableau Desktop. Thanks to Syntelli team support, you can create visualizations and reports in just a few clicks generating valuable insights for your organization. Our data visualization solutions support a wide variety of formats and data structures. The software we use makes it easy to see relationships and patterns of your business activities, identify emerging trends, manipulate and directly interact with your data. Turning your data into intuitive charts and graphs will make it easy to take data-driven decisions and will improve communication of business insights to your employees and clients.

How can we help your organization?

  • Store and retrieve big data
  • Apply structured business rules to data
  • Use data warehouse and enterprise data warehouse
  • Use data lakes
  • Build reports and data visualizations
  • Shape and optimize data

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