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Nowhere is the digital revolution more apparent today than in online and mobile banking. Financial Services customers are providing many touchpoints to support this revolution.

Insurance companies have a huge incentive to drive policy holders towards online applications. The mobile apps save companies money by improving processes and in turn create more favorable experiences.

Companies use campaigns to help drive their customers to use digital applications to achieve cleaner, efficient access that also represent significant cost savings.

Syntelli is an expert in campaign measurement analytics. Methods including statistical design of experiment and associated testing are core components of our Mobile Platform Adoption solution.  We will help you understand the drivers of increased application participation in manners which are non-invasive to your campaign efforts.

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Financial Services and Insurance companies are transitioning from traditional analytics to predictive analytics to deliver marketing messages to its customers.  New touchpoints including chatbots and voice-first interactive assistants are providing additional lines of communication touchpoints throughout the customer journey.  Predictive marketing in the future of marketing for FSI.

Syntelli can help you guide your customers towards making key financial decisions at the most opportune times, which is the differentiator to competing in today’s market.

Syntelli leverages our proprietary State Vector analytic data retrieval schema to support all imaginable analytic functions, from reporting to machine learning to forecasting. The technology leverages vast amounts of intellect gained from performing analytics for our clients in Financial Services and Insurance.
Who is likely to adopt mobile applications? Who will likely respond to an offer to purchase an annuity? Which customer aspects are most influential for classifying your top tier customers?

Syntelli holds deep knowledge to identify segments of your customer population that represent the sample that display the characteristics of which you can deploy monetizable actions. Our Data Scientists are experts in Machine Learning and Predictive Analytics, using classic and contemporary methods.

The Financial Services and Insurance industries approaches marketing messaging uniquely using several simultaneous methods of communication to achieve the same goal. Under such a scenario, marketing managers look to apply credit and value where they are due. Marketing Mix Attribution is a specialized form of Marketing Mix Modeling which is very applicable to Financial Services and Insurance.

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Whether it’s trade surveillance, or credit card or insurance fraud, Syntelli enables business users to identify, prevent and act on fraudulent transactions. Syntelli applies sophisticated machine learning methods to empower businesses confront the ongoing threats of fraudulent activity. The outputs are fed into new or existing case management systems to identify and circumvent future activity.
Credit Card fraud is the most common form of fraud in Financial Services. The effort to hunt down sources and resolve unauthorized purchases amounts to a very costly overhead of business operations. Fraudsters are continually finding new methods to commit financial crimes, previous undetected. Luckily, Syntelli is skilled at leveraging your data assets to identify the trends that are occurring to help provide additional occurrence and associated expense.
Insurance claims fraud accounts for 30 billion annually in the US alone. It is a very prevalent white-collar crime. Syntelli couples technologies in Text mining, outlier detection, predictive modeling and visualization to find fraudulent instances in your data.
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Customer relationships are built in Financial Services and Insurance by providing positive experiences throughout all touchpoints of the customer journey. Significant data is captured during each interaction which collectively describes the customer evolution. This information, when coupled with analytical rigor allows companies to approach each customer movement intelligently.

Google Analytics is undoubtedly the golden standard in today’s world for web analytics reporting; providing a wealth of useful information. However, where it lacks is the ability to report on the “why”, “how” and “what’s next?” aspects of your business.

To prosper and grow you must be able to understand the past, predict the future both short and long term, and react accordingly.  This specific need is what has inspired Syntelli Solutions to develop a solution to augment the insights coming from Google Analytics.

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Syntelli has developed the Test and Learn Analytics for Marketing solution to aid marketing departments to maximize their marketing assets. The Syntelli solution blends together three analytic marketing deployment testing methods into a single solution, where each process fits a specific marketing deployment design.

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