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Strong relationships between provider and patient are built by providing positive experiences at all points of the customer journey, and each interaction yields significant beneficial data. Syntelli’s analytics solutions provide actionable insights to help describe an individual patient’s unique situation and needs. These insights can be leveraged to adapt and improve customer care and the level of service provided.

Patient and/or member engagement and outreach is critical in today’s healthcare environment as healthcare organizations are increasingly scored and held financially responsible based on patient feedback, outcomes, and perceptions. Engagement and outreach also help ensure patients and health plan members are receiving needed care, which increases the probability of positive health outcomes.

Syntelli has invested heavily in building expertise of analyzing Voice of the Consumer data generated from call centers and other means of providing consumer feedback. We can help create operational efficiencies, analyze the data for trends and predict future outcomes.


The Healthcare and Life Sciences (HLS) industry is largely governed by numbers – market share, revenue, budgets, etc. Companies are investing through marketing to grow their share of the industry. To support this effort, they are transitioning from traditional analytics to predictive analytics to deliver marketing messages to its customers. The lines of communication touchpoints throughout the customer journey are rapidly increasing – HLS companies must interact intelligently along the path. Predictive Analytics is no longer the future of marketing for HLS, it is now!

Syntelli can help you understand where to invest your marketing efforts wisely, providing the differentiator to competing in today’s market.

Our State Vector analytic data retrieval schema supports all imaginable Marketing Analytics functions for HLS companies, from reporting to machine learning to forecasting. The technology is designed to support relationship marketing functions at the patient level, leveraging experience from supporting companies in the HLS industry in a variety of analytic engagements.
Who are my patients and what makes them unique? How do I keep my best patients and attract new patients? What defines my top segment of customers? Syntelli holds deep knowledge to identify segments of your patient population that display the characteristics of which you can deploy monetizable actions. Our Data Scientists are experts in Predictive Analytics and Segmentation, using classic and contemporary methods.
Rising Healthcare costs are forcing leading organizations to provide new value and drive growth. HLS companies are more sensitive now than ever to ensure every marketing dollar is optimally spent. Many forms of mass media are leveraged to communicate to the patient community to gain their trust and their business. Syntelli’s Marketing Mix Optimization solution will ensure that you know for certain that all your marketing budget is driving your market share and to what degree.
HLS companies are working to effectively capture value using social media channels. Social media offers a cost-effective manner to engage consumers in marketing and communication tactics. Consumers put great weight into other’s opinions on similar experiences when making health-based decisions.

The data collected from social media channels is very rich for discovering patterns and trends that are ripe for monetization efforts. Syntelli has vast experience quantifying the data and using it in content of other marketing analytics platforms.

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Healthcare fraud is estimated at up to $50B in the U.S. annually. This issue affects all of us, and is seen through the rising cost of our healthcare system. Companies are becoming much better at preventing causes of healthcare waste and abuse using advanced Analytics. Healthcare fraud is not obvious and is difficult to find.

Syntelli has the domain knowledge and expertise to help you identify fraudulent activity across your business and apply the discoveries.

Finding patterns of waste and abuse in healthcare data is difficult because historic data to build training models does not exist. Therefore, modern approaches must be leveraged including predictive techniques. Syntelli combines predictive analytics with anomaly detection and social network methods to provide a robust approach in addressing waste and abuse.
Customer relationships are built in the Healthcare and Life Sciences industry by providing positive experiences throughout all touchpoints of the customer journey. HLS patients expect personalized care in today’s world. Each patient interaction yields significant data that collectively describes each patient’s evolution. This information, when coupled with analytical rigor allows companies to approach every patient communication intelligently.

Google Analytics is undoubtedly the golden standard in today’s world for web analytics reporting; providing a wealth of useful information. However, where it lacks is the ability to report on the “why”, “how” and “what’s next?” aspects of your business.

To prosper and grow you must be able to understand the past, predict the future both short and long term, and react accordingly. This specific need is what has inspired Syntelli Solutions to develop a solution to augment the insights coming from Google Analytics.

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Syntelli has developed the Test and Learn Analytics for Healthcare Marketing solution to aid marketing departments to maximize their marketing assets. The Syntelli solution blends together three analytic marketing deployment testing methods into a single solution, where each process fits a specific marketing deployment design. Know what is driving customer responses and build the knowledge into your relationship communications.

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The use of (and need for) IoT in HLS is well documented with remote monitoring and smart sensors. Patients are experiencing beneficial outcomes because of the usage. IoT devices are delivering a huge amount of data which, of which analytics can help provide better outcomes and increased business knowledge.

IoT data provides an additional dimension intelligence into a patient’s behavioral patterns. This data, when combine with other backend data, enriches the ability to predict a patient’s needs thus enabling better communication of product and solutions to the right patient and the right time. Knowing a patient’s needs for short-term care planning and home care are just two examples of how Analytics and IoT work in harmony in HLS at Syntelli .

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