Oil & Gas Industry

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Oil and Gas companies must maintain a strong presence in the face of the community. It is critical to inform your audience about specific topics, boost public perceptions, address community concerns, and improve transparency and discuss your company’s commitments. Investors, partners, the media, customers and employees all depend on clear, consistent communications. These communications are a large piece of your overall brand.

Syntelli is skilled at assessing the power and effectiveness of your communications using quantitative methods. We provide a set of solutions to help you maintain and improve your customer perception which is integrated across your communication channels. Automated methods through our cross-channel communication frameworks will help you tailor your messaging by capturing data and building personalized communications.

market analysis syntelli solutions inc
Syntelli helps companies in the Oil and Gas industry to gain a competitive advantage through Market Analysis. Our solutions model trends and inflection points in commodity pricing. We leverage several factors in our models as exogenous influencing factors including futures market trading and historical data. Consideration is also given to global supply and demand as well as the economic outlook of world markets. This information is collected from several sources, including industry publications, exchange markets, and government agencies.

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demand optimization syntelli solutions inc
A foundational component of the Oil and Gas business is demand. Accurate demand forecasts are essential to ensuring production supplies are maintained. Bad forecasts lead to costly inventory issues and bad customer experiences. Good forecasts drive increased profitability.

Syntelli helps to decrease your inventory costs by supplying sound demand forecasts that leverage historic data combined with exogenous signals representing industry and economic trends. The projection trends are further exploited using data-driven segmentation methods across your business to produce highly accurate models.

transportation optimization syntelli solutions inc
The supply chain process is at the heart of every Oil and Gas manufacturer. Two anchoring features of any well-functioning supply chain are agility and service. Customer portfolios are ever evolving, and you must be prepared to respond. Production, distribution and transportation are the cogs of the system that ultimately drive getting your products to the consumer in a consistent, reliable manner.

Syntelli’s network optimization process combines automated, repeatable processes that incorporate trends and constraints into a strategic process which allows you the ability to execute in a dynamic landscape. The outputs of demand forecasts are used as inputs to the process. Scenario analyses are built into the system to allowing you to assess business change impacts due to your natural business evolution.

pricing optimization syntelli solutions inc
Syntelli’s pricing optimization solution optimizes pricing decisions with respect to inventory control considerations. We incorporate customer and industry trends, constraints and revenue goals as inputs to the process. The demand forecasts serve as the foundational anchor of the elastic model design which balances demand and customer satisfaction to maximize revenue. Dashboard reporting combine with scenario testing visualization provide an interpretable, actionable front-end consumption layer.

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