Analytics as a Service

Drive Business Results

Syntelli’s MAaaS (Managed Analytics as a Service) solution enables our customers to focus on consuming analytics and driving business results rather than struggling in the minutia of handling their data. We achieve this by taking care of the underlying technology infrastructure, data ingestion, data processing, and other technological challenges associated with data volumes, variety, and velocity. Our team employs cutting edge and innovative techniques in decision science, prescriptive analytics, and visualization to enable better, faster decision-making and more impactful business results. We handle the heavy lifting so that you can leverage your data comprehensively and effectively; we offer actionable insights.

Ultimately, what we do is help you to analyze and understand the current state of data in your business, develop robust solutions, and then turn your data into money through optimized business performance. The ability to work smarter and faster, and remain agile and adaptive, gives your organization a competitive edge.

MAaaS Benefits

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Syntelli’s MAaaS solution is designed with customer success in mind. We provide carefully tailored solutions that are not limited to a single service, let alone a single industry or market. We aim to minimize your operations costs, reduce technology and talent-related project risks, and drive business growth and innovation. Whether your end goal is to improve customer insights, build products faster, or better spot fraud, we will develop a solution that fits your circumstances. We achieve this through the following means:

  • Fast deployment, typically within 10 – 12 weeks
  • One predictable price that includes hosting, software license, data storage, monitoring and management, upgrades, training and full end-user support
  • Affordability and rapid ROI at a fraction of the cost of traditional analytics solutions
  • Cutting edge solutions through frequent software upgrades without any disruption
  • Quality, Top-Tier Data Science Services you can count on

Our MAaaS Offers

Analytics & Visualization

Clean, concise Reports and Dashboards to provide clear insights into your business

Data Security

We value our customers’ privacy. Customer Data is stored on highly secure servers with stringent data security standards

Data Science

Direct Access to our Data Scientists so no detail is lost while we help you build predictive models, recommendation engines, etc

End-to-End Ownership

Fully accountable for your data, infrastructure, reporting and analytics

Faster Data Acccess
Actionable Business Insights
Enhanced Customer Experience
Cumulative Cost Savings
Predictive Expense

One simple, predictable price with no hidden fees

Service Predictability

Automated tracking on KPI, metrics and SLAs

Hosted Ecosystem

Our cloud based solutions are scalable and grow seamlessly with your business needs

Hadoop Distribution

Our Data Lake solution allows the holistic use of your data, enabling you to make better, faster decisions

How MAaaS Helped Our Customers

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Significant savings and Faster time to market: A major financial institution had problems handling the vast volumes of data they were amassing. Their approach at the time consisted of enterprise data warehousing (EDW), but it simply would not allow them to scale up their data processing for future data requirements.

What was Syntelli’s Solution?

How can our MAaaS offering help your organization? Let’s Talk.