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Many manufacturing companies rely on a marketing strategy of using resellers or distributors to sell their products, eliminating the need to sell individual products from a facility or open multiple stores to make the product available. Deciding which marketing strategies to use starts with understanding the people who actually use your products. Analysis allows you to identify the mostly likely end user or buyer, and helps understand their demographics, interests and reasons for buying your products.

We help you make informed decisions to help guide where to invest your marketing efforts wisely. Know which dollars are working for you and which need to be better allocated.

Our Customer State Vector analytic data model has been designed to support all relationship marketing analytics functions for Manufacturing, from reporting to machine learning to forecasting.  It leverages experience from supporting companies in the industry across a variety of analytic engagements, where having a full 360-degree view of your customers is critical.
Syntelli is well versed is Digital Marketing Analytics in the Manufacturing space.  Whether your desire is to know your social media customers better or how your customers find you through paid search or understanding when and where to run your online promotions, we have you covered.
Manufacturers are confronted with a unique stage when it comes to analytic approaches for mass media promotion since most manufacturers leverage retail companies to sell and promote their products.  Some manufacturers will use typical channels such as television and print to promote general branding but not normally at the product level.  Instead, companies look to historic data to understand the purchasing behavior of their customer base to guide their retailers on when to run pricing promotions.  Companies will also make heavy use of social media and paid search channels to help promote their products.  Syntelli is aware of this playing field and has adapted our Marketing Mix Optimization solution to account for these unique trends.
“Having your ears on” is critical for manufacturing businesses.  Customers are quick to express their experiences with your products, purchase processes and customer support for all the world to see.  While the data is typically very skewed towards the very positive and very negative commentary, there is no doubt that a lot of value can be mined for a wide array of purposes.  The data can easily be quantified in several dimensions including time, sentiment polarity and taxonomy structures of interest that allow for deep analytic investigation.  The quantified data often correlates very well from a time perspective with top KPIs which may drive investments into classic social media channels.  In addition, the data can also point to issues with product quality or warranty processes which can be remedied early that traditional detection methods.  Syntelli has expertise to pull a wide set of data specific to your social channels, quantify and organize the data into a meaningful structure and apply advanced analytic methods to extract the signal.
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Analytics are leveraged in several aspects of how manufacturers approach the pricing of their products. Predictive models provide the optimal price points to maximize profitability without sacrificing demand, and econometric time series models pinpoint when to run product promotions.

Findings from the analysis tells you what to do and what not to do when it comes to product pricing. Manufacturers also benefit from pricing market trends of the commodities used to understand ideal times to build surpluses of materials.

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Maintaining positive customer relations is at the forefront of any executive’s list of critical success measures. Organizations are increasingly scored and held financially responsible based on their customers’ feedback, perceptions and satisfaction. Customers are making themselves heard by engaging across many platform touchpoints – from call centers to social media to chatbots. For Manufacturing companies, the wealth of data that is collected through these interactions represents a gold mine in a wide array of capabilities from call center efficiency gains to customer loyalty – all of which are greatly enhanced through Analytic enablement.

Syntelli’s VOC solution uses the textual data information, including voice-to-text, as a primary source of signal. We quantify the data by taxonomy and sentiment, to optimize call routing processes, predict disposition codes and identify trends in product quality measures. The data when combined with analytic rigor, provides excellent early warning alerting for product defects and warranty issues.

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Each manufacturing warranty claim is coupled with rich information reflective of aspects ranging from customer satisfaction to product quality. By applying analytic methods, we help prevent defects from reaching the field, avoid recall costs, increase customer satisfaction and prevent fraudulent claim payments.

Product warranty claims in the manufacturing space amount to tens of billions of dollars every year. By some estimates, 2 to 5% of all claims are erroneously entered, by mistake or purposely. Modern Analytic processes are now available to greatly raise the bar on the ability to identify suspicious claims and prevent the huge revenue losses. These data driven approaches employ several classes of advanced analytics and marry the intelligence gained with business knowledge to create semi-self-learning systems.

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Manufacturing companies are leading the way in the IoT space, more doubling investments of the next closest industry. The digital transformation of Smart Manufacturing is allowing companies to realize new revenue source opportunities in efficiency, automation, quality, competitiveness and customer centricity.

IoT is leveraged throughout the entire manufacturing lifecycle; from raw materials to finished goods as well as supply chains, logistics and transportation. We adopt analytic methods to allow companies to get ahead of the competition in areas of reliability and safety, risk management as well as provide a deep understanding of customer preferences and usage behaviors.

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Customer relationships are built in Manufacturing by providing positive experiences throughout all touchpoints of the customer journey. Customers today expect personalized experiences. Each interaction yields significant data that collectively describes the customer’s evolution. This information, when coupled with analytical rigor allows companies to approach every customer communication intelligently.

How can I drive customer LTV? Which customers are likely to defect? What defines my top-tier customers? Leveraging the data available from all touch points allow companies to get a handle on these types of questions. Tracking your customers from phone calls to in-store visits to online allow you to understand not only who they are but what they are planning to do next.

Syntelli has developed a solution to augment the historic insights coming from Google Analytics. GA lacks is the ability to report on the “why”, “how” and “what’s next?” aspects of your business. To operate your business, you must be able to understand at is going to happen next and react accordingly. We use analytic methods to project the future of your business.

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Test and Learn Analytics for Manufacturing provides marketing departments the insights they require to optimize their marketing investment assets. Our solution blends together three analytic marketing deployment testing methods into a single solution, where each process fits a specific marketing deployment design. Know what is driving customer responses and build that knowledge into your relationship marketing communications.

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