Success Stories

Over the last 13 years, we’ve helped our clients find success with turning their data into revenue.

Continued Customer Success

Syntelli Solutions has made “Continued Customer Success” (CCS) the cornerstone of engagement with both our customers and our associates. CCS is the dedication to lead our clients on a journey, molding the evolution of their digital and analytical practices. We back this with a commitment to exceptional service and dedicated expert resources for both our MAaaS (Managed Analytics as a Service) and MDP (Managed Data Platform) business offerings.

With CCS, Syntelli elevates Customer Support and Engagement to a true, symbiotic relationship. In everything we do, our goals are to:

Proactively tackle challenges and identify opportunities

Optimize our solutions and environments

Govern data practices and processes

Communicate feedback early and often

Educate our stakeholders

Syntelli’s associates are ingrained with our philosophy of CCS, allowing them to offer unparalleled service.

Customer Overview

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