Supply Chain Industry

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Companies leading the way in the supply chain industry are minimizing operating costs by adopting inventory optimization technologies to manage and automate critical processes. Effective approaches bring together a blend of demand forecast projections, route planning objectives, constraints, and distribution considerations into a single system. These systems are designed to provide operational cost savings with respect to transposition, distribution and manufacturing.

Syntelli’s approach to inventory optimization blends best practice experiences learned while supporting our supply chain customers. We work with you to capture your business constraints and build them into the system. Results are tracked through an audit process to identify and remedy instances where forecasts and reality do not match.

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Demand forecasts are the centerpiece of every supply chain. Bad forecasts lead to costly inventory issues and bad customer experiences. Good forecasts drive increased profitability and improved position in relationship with your vendors and suppliers.

Syntelli helps to decrease your inventory costs by supplying sound demand forecasts that leverage historic data combined with exogenous signals representing industry and economic trends. The projection trends are further exploited using data-driven segmentation methods across your business to produce highly accurate models thus allowing you to strategically place available inventory

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network optimization syntelli solutions inc
Two anchoring features of any well-functioning supply chain are agility and service. Customer portfolios are ever evolving, and you must be prepared to respond with the same speed. Production, distribution and transportation are the cogs of the system that ultimately drive getting your products to the consumer in a consistent, reliable manner.

Syntelli’s network optimization methodology combines automated, repeatable processes that incorporate trends and constraints into a strategic process which allows you the ability to execute in a dynamic landscape. What-if analyses are baked into the system to allowing you to assess business change impacts due to your natural business evolution.

pricing optimization syntelli solutions inc
Syntelli’s pricing optimization solution optimizes pricing decisions for regular pricing, promotions and markdowns with respect to inventory control considerations. We incorporate customer and industry trends, constraints and revenue goals as inputs to the process. The demand forecasts serve as the foundational anchor of the elastic model design which balances demand and customer satisfaction to maximize revenue. Dashboard reporting combine with scenario testing visualization provide an interpretable, actionable front-end consumption layer.

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