Test & Learn Analytics for Marketing

A solution to aid organizations with maximizing their marketing assets.

Smart marketers make decisions based on consumer insights gathered from data. However, only 22% of marketers have data-driven marketing initiatives that are achieving significant results, according to a 2015 survey by Forbes Insights.

Companies that wish to be well equipped to capitalize on marketing spend allocations must establish a direct connection between marketing activities, investments and business outcomes. Hence, Syntelli’s Test and Learn Analytics for Marketing solution is designed to aid marketing departments with maximizing their marketing assets.

This e-book covers topics such as:

Benefits of Marketing Analytics

Conversion Rate, Cross Channel Communication, Personalized Interactions

Key Testing Methods & Implementation

A/B, Multi Armed Bandit & Multivariate Testing

Roles & Resources

Resource Pool, Full Stack Data Science

Enhanced Business Value

Increase in customer loyalty, retention and lifetime value.

Discover the ways your marketing department can benefit and grow through the Test and Learn Analytics e-Guide.