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Using Azure SQL with TIBCO Spotfire

An Azure SQL single database is a resource managed by Microsoft through the Azure Portal and is accessible from SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS).

The main benefit from Azure SQL is the extremely facilitated maintenance of the database compared to a regular SQL Server machine. Everything can be done either through the Azure portal or SSMS, which means no actual Windows machine to deal with. It also means that most actions (duplicating database, backups, increasing performance, etc.) can be done with the click of a button, with virtually 0 downtimes.

    This white paper covers topics such as:

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    What is Azure SQL?

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    Installing TIBCO Spotfire

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    Launching the Spotfire Azure SQL Database

    data engineering syntelli solutions inc

    Basic Management of Azure SQL Database

    Learn how to use Azure SQL with TIBCO Spotfire with the help of this detailed white paper.