an analytical solution to address suspicious warranty claims records syntelli solutions

Warranty & Fraud Analytics

An analytical solution to address suspicious warranty claims records.

Product warranty claims in the manufacturing space amount to tens of billions of dollars every year.

By some estimates, up to 2 to 5% of all claims are erroneously entered, by mistake or on purpose. In many cases, erroneous claims can simply be entered with user errors. In other cases, they could contain purposely misleading information. In either situation, these result into a class of claims termed suspicious.

Syntelli has developed an analytical solution to address these suspicious warranty claims records.

This e-book covers topics such as:

implementing automated & early detection syntelli solutions

Implementing Automated & Early Detection

outlier detection analytics syntelli solutions

Outlier Detection Analytics

business rule analytics syntelli solutions

Business Rule Analytics

claims network analytics syntelli solutions

 Claims Network Analytics

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