Formulating a Post COVID-19 Strategy in Healthcare

A Fireside Chat with Healthcare Leaders for a Post-Pandemic Time

[VIRTUAL PANEL]   Wednesday, June 3rd  |  12:30PM – 1:30PM ET

It is impossible to overlook the heroism of each healthcare worker and patient fighting the frightful impact of the current COVID-19 crisis. From hospitals being set up in parks, to new sterilization approaches for reuse of personal protective equipment (PPE), to protocols for placing multiple patients on one ventilator, the healthcare industry is constantly finding innovative ways to deal with the global pandemic.

While most healthcare organizations are currently inundated with a variety of challenges, it is also important to consider what the industry will look like after the current chaos has passed. The new norms that will follow the pandemic are likely to last much longer than the pandemic itself.

We convened 6 Leaders in the Healthcare Industry for a fireside chat to share their insights on “Formulating a Post COVID-19 Strategy in Healthcare”.


Access this on-demand recording with industry experts:

  • To discuss the challenges for the Healthcare Industry that will follow the COVID-19 crisis
  • To learn about the implications for Innovation, Data and Technology in the industry
  • To gain valuable advice, information and insights that will enable Healthcare leaders and organizations to build an effective post-pandemic strategy



Dr. Rubin Pillay

Chief Innovation Officer, UAB Health System

Scott Frederick

Principal, RPM Advisory Group

Dr. Kashyap Kansupada

Ophthalmologist, Charlotte Eye, Ear, Nose & Throat Associates

Russell Arthur Rogers

Innovation Executive, COVID-19 Task Force US Air Force & Department of Defense

Rishi Bhatnagar

Chief Executive Officer, Syntelli Solutions Inc.

[MODERATOR] Ruben Martinez-Raposo

Healthcare Leader & Executive, Syntelli Solutions Inc.