Everyone has goals. How many of us have proof that we are achieving our goals?

It’s a method by which we can track our success and where we need to improve. We have personal goals, team goals, and organizational goals. However, outside of a gut feeling, how many of us have proof that we are achieving our goals? W. Edwards Deming is famously quoted with saying, “Without data, you’re just another person with an opinion”. What if there was a way to quantifiably show progress and measure performance utilizing data already being used by your organization and Power BI reports and share it in a listed scorecard with your team and/or company? Well now you can with Power BI Metrics!

Once known as Power BI Goals, Power BI Metrics aim to give you quick insight into the high-level metrics that matter most to your organization! Out of the box, it allows you to create a scorecard and define metrics and submetrics based on manual entry or data from visuals in reports your org is already using.

Creating a scorecard is as easy as 1, 2, 3!

1.      Navigate to the metrics section in power BI and create your own scorecard.

Navigate to the Power BI Metrics section and create your own scorecard.

2.     Name your scorecard and metric, and add a current value. In this example I will create a Marketing  Efficiency Scorecard based off report values for my current values and manual entry data for my target values.

a.      To add a current value from your data, select connect to data:

scorecard and power bi metric

b.       Then select what report you want to get connect to:

select your power bi metrics report

c.       Then simply click on the value you wish to track from the report. In my example, I want to track our customer count. The click connect.

click on the value you wish to track in your power bi metrics

d.       For our target, our team has agreed to gain 700 new customers by year end, so I will manually enter 700 in the target.

      3.     Lastly we want to set rules for our metric! Our team has decided we would like to track this metric on a quarterly basis, with 50% of our target met by the end of Q2, 75% of the target met by at the end of Q3, and 100% of the target met by the end of Q4.

set rules for your power bi metrics

Before you know it you’ll have a customized scorecard that tracks the KPI’s that matter most to your team!

customized your power bi metrics scorecard

Interested in taking your team’s Power BI capabilities to the next level? Contact us today to find out more about what Syntelli can do for you!

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