Cloud computing services started as a niche area for tech companies and savvy young professionals. Storing files and data “in the cloud” was originally subject to file size restrictions and technical limitations that kept it from catching on with companies in most industries.

However, recent improvements in internet speed and server storage have allowed cloud computing to expand to cover a huge range of applications. One of the most exciting new areas is data analytics, which companies can use to steer the future of their entire organization.

What Is Public Cloud Computing?

Because of the vast amount and variety of big data stored by companies, advanced data analytics can’t just run off of a standard desktop computer’s hard drive. Cloud computing removes many of the limitations associated with traditional storage and retrieval systems.

Companies may set up their private cloud storage system to allow employees access from anywhere, but many businesses prefer to work with data analytics companies to run an analytics program through a public cloud provider. The benefit of public cloud providers is that they generally only charge customers for the data and storage used each month, while safely and securely maintaining customers’ data.

Despite the word “public” in their name, public cloud services can be incredibly safe and secure. Cloud providers have truly risen to the challenge of keeping customers’ data separate from one another and maintaining maximum security. However, it’s up to individual clients to ensure their internal systems are secure by running cloud health checks as needed.

Newer, Smarter Programs

The science behind AI and data analytics is continually improving, with a massive range of subfields influencing how data scientists create new programs. Instead of relying on a separate team of data scientists to calculate reports and create visuals, various team members can now pull reports by themselves and keep up with the latest business intelligence trends.

Data scientists are still essential for creating the backbone of these programs and for troubleshooting complex operations. However, daily use is streamlined through cloud computing that makes data accessible anywhere by any authorized person.

Cloud services are easy to tailor to run data analytics programs smoothly from anywhere in the world. Now companies can hire the best data analytics companies and get daily help with software and systems. This makes newer and better systems more accessible to small businesses who might otherwise be unable to build their infrastructure and hire staff to develop their systems.

Leveraging Improved Speed & Immutability of a Data Lake

A cumbersome and slow Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) solution which adhered to a stringent set of schemas.

Computing Space Requirements

Artificial intelligence is more powerful than ever, but the computing space required is higher than ever too. Even storing text- and number-based data can take up terabytes of space if there are hundreds of thousands of entries.

The space requirements are even more extensive for images and audio. Although massive storage of this data wasn’t common in years past, it is becoming more frequent as AI learns to automatically transcribe audio and recognize faces and text in images.

Fortunately, computing capacity has increased exponentially and can keep up with the extreme demands of advanced AI. For most companies, using cloud storage is easier, and more cost-effective and efficient than constantly trying to add more physical storage on-site.

Faster and More Reliable

While a computer has the storage necessary for data and programs, it may not have enough processing power to run data analytics applications quickly. These specialized programs require more processing power than an internet browser or word processor might. Computers are now much faster than in years past, but even office computers with cutting-edge processors won’t be able to analyze vast quantities of data or manage machine learning.

Cloud computing helps with productivity by letting employees run reports faster and without monopolizing a computer’s processor. This allows your team to access urgent information without delay and avoid computer crashes and other setbacks.

Data Lakes

To complicate matters further, the latest data science developments rely heavily on data lakes. Data lakes store various types of data in unsorted form, making it easier for cutting-edge machine learning to draw new connections from information stored in your data. This format can be a game-changer for companies with large amounts of data, especially long strings of text that are hard to sort or break down into categories.

Data lakes require even more processing power than other types of data analytics, though. Cloud computing is the best way to harness this power on an as-needed basis without overinvesting in expensive computer infrastructure.

Cost Considerations

Physical server space can be incredibly expensive to purchase and powering and providing space for a data center also ends up costing your organization money. Maintenance costs can also add up over time, especially for updates and troubleshooting. Both small and large companies may struggle to justify the cost of maintaining server space because of the specialized staff required.

Working with an experienced data analytics company to secure cloud computing space is the best route for streamlining your data analytics operations, especially since cloud migration is easier than ever. Companies that specialize in cloud computing and data management can achieve greater cost efficiency through economies of scale. Additionally, your organization won’t have to worry about hiring and managing technicians that can keep servers running properly.

Remote Work

COVID-19 has raised new questions about the future of remote work. Many American companies are discovering they can allow staff to work remotely with little interruption of work. In many cases, employees are happier due to not having a commute and being able to avoid workplace distractions.

Even if your organization generally can’t work remotely, you need to be able to adapt during a crisis. Cloud computing is essential to that ability to adjust, especially if your team needs to access data and alter marketing campaigns and other processes quickly. Physical servers that are only accessible while connected to an office internet connection are far too outdated to be relied on for data storage and analytics.

Cloud Healthcheck

Data is the most valuable asset that any corporation has. Human beings are wired to secure things that they ‘perceive’ as valuable.

Seeking the Right Data Science Partner

Although cloud storage providers are an essential service, they only provide the raw storage you need to run data analytics programs. Your data needs unique visualization and processing systems for your team to be able to access and understand it. AI, business intelligence, machine learning, and other big data analytics essentials require a team with expertise relevant to your industry.

Syntelli Solutions is an experienced data analytics provider that can keep your cloud-based data applications secure and up-to-date while maximizing your organization’s decision-making power. We embrace the latest cloud service technologies to give you access to as much information as possible, allowing you to draw new insights with cutting-edge analytics systems.

Let our team custom-design a cloud data management system that takes full advantage of your data. Contact us today for a walkthrough of our powerful business solutions.

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