A Retail Company Gets to Know Its Customers with Big Data Analytics - Use CaseIf you want a more efficient, cost-effective way to know your customers, it’s hard to beat big data analytics. If you want proof that it really creates value in real companies, you don’t have far to look. We’re sharing customer analytics success stories to show that it’s not pie in the sky.

For many name brands as well as up-and-coming companies, the benefits are real. But what makes those benefits real? Let’s look under the hood of a recent example—one of our own customers.

An Early Adopter Takes a Test Drive

One of our customers (a large retail company) wanted to leverage the customer data they were collecting  to create insights to serve their customers better. But, they were not sure where to start. They knew that creating a big data analytics environment on their own wouldn’t be simple. Coordinating data access and sharing across business units and finding and hiring analysts with the right skill sets were just two potential obstacles to their success.

A webinar we co-hosted, with our friends at TIBCO Spotfire and MapR, gave them a high-level view of data analytics and how it would fit in their environment. Later, we helped them fully understand what the concept of big data analytics could mean to their company. And, we shared use cases—customer analytics, fraud detection and prevention—to show them how powerful analytics capabilities helped other companies became more competitive.

Driving the Fastest, Most Effective Analytics Platform Around

Then, we put them behind the wheel of AWS Test Drive, our new cloud-based analytics service. The test drive gave them a hands-on understanding of what a big data analytics platform is and what it can do.

They set up their own MapR clusters, played with large data sets and used TIBCO Spotfire to analyze, visualize and share their results. When they completed their 8-hour trial, they understood how big data could help them use customer analytics to become more competitive. And they understood how they could save time, money and effort by using a cloud-based analytics platform.

Now we are working with them to create a sandbox environment with their own data. Soon, they’ll share the results with other business units.

Avoid the Cost and Headaches of Inhouse Analytics Infrastructure

Big Data analytics systems require a complex infrastructure, which can be slow and expensive to build. No matter what the size of your business, AWS Test Drive helps you get to better understand your customers. And there’s no waiting or frustrating delays until you deploy and test the system.

Here are the essential items, which enable you to learn about your customers and transform information into competitive firepower:

  • Apache Drill and its MapR framework use in-memory processing for lightning-fast data handling and machine learning for improved understanding of your data and of many types of unstructured and semi-structured information.
  • TIBCO Spotfire analyzes and visualizes many types of data in ways that business users can easily find, analyze and share.
  • Easy, single-point access that makes distributed information easy to find and use.
  • A ready-to-use Hadoop cluster, which gives you first-hand data analytics experience.
  • 8 hours of online AWS Test Drive experience.
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Vishwas SubramanianVishwas Subramanian
Analytics Associate
About Vishwas: Vishwas provides solutions to big data problems like real-time streaming data, Traditional SQL vs NoSQL, Hadoop or Spark, Amazon Cloud Services (AWS) vs Personal Cluster. He is focused on analysing and providing the optimum solution for a particular use case. Prior to Syntelli, Vishwas was a Research Assistant at University of North Carolina at Charlotte. While at UNC Charlotte, Vishwas worked on integrating Big Data with Mobile Devices (IoT) and Deploying Language Classifier on a Pseudo Distributed Spark Cluster. Vishwas received a M.S in Electrical Engineering from the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. His research interests are Spark development, Visual Analytics, Android Devices.