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Master Data Management (MDM) allows businesses to manage and secure their critical data. It helps a company link all of its critical data into a single data set and produces a common point of reference for data for the whole company.

Organizational data in large organizations gets divided between systems, departments, and divisions. It becomes hard to maintain the integrity of data in terms of consistency and accuracy; the data becomes more prone to human errors and is less reliable as a result.

Loss of hundreds and thousands of dollars are incurred every year due to poor data management. To help organizations, master data management programs have appropriate tools and effective solutions that handle complex data management.

Benefits of Master Data Management

Eliminates Data Redundancy

It is very easy for data to get redundant. The record of the same customer or a product could be entered into a database multiple times. Data redundancy cannot be avoided unless you have MDM tools and solutions.

Data Remains Consistent

An organization’s highly complex data remains consistent with master data management. MDM tools remove redundancy, makes data more manageable and less complex.

Data Accuracy is Ensured

A common reference point for all data is also known as the ‘single version of the truth.’ MDM removes all sorts of errors and redundancy, which ensures accurate and reliable data.

The Data Structure is Simplified

Master data management organizes all the software and data under one roof. The data structure is simplified, and operation becomes clearer and more controlled.

Accountability for Data

Master data management programs allow employees to have accountability for the data and use it for better decision making.

Easy Data Governance

MDM tools design structures, hierarchies, and rules for managing data. Your data tends to become more authoritative and reliable. This makes managing and governing data effective.

Creates a Proper Data Warehouse

MDM tools provide better storage and make data transfer easy. Your data is integrated and stored in a centralized data repository.

Easy Back-up

Backing up data with centralized storage is easy. This comes handy during a crisis where there is a huge loss of data.

Measurement of Data

Master data management does not only keep the data accurate and consistent. MDM tools can also analyze the data and compare it with organizational and employee goals. MDM measures the quality of the data as well.

MDM Tools

Following are some of the best MDM tools available on the market.

1. Profisee

Profisee is an affordable and easy to use MDM Tool. It has multiple innovative data managing strategies. It helps with data management and data governance.

2. Semarchy XDM

With an XDM platform and multi-vector MDM, Semarchy has a powerful algorithm to make data governance and stewardship coherent and effective. Its data modeling approach is very flexible as well.

3. Orchestra Networks EBX

Orchestra Networks EBX is an MDM tool that provides a variety of solutions to businesses. It’s easier to manage data assets with this tool. EBX helps with data hierarchy, governance, management, and taxonomy. It provides real-time and batch integrations.

Master data management is the lifeline when it comes to managing critical and complex data. It provides an integrated, consistent, coherent and accurate database. Storage, back-up, and operation of data are simple and manageable with MDM solutions. Reach out to us and get your business data managed and streamlined with our top-notch services.

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