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These days, data visualization software, like Microsoft Power BI and TIBCO Spotfire, has become so easy to use, that you might not consider training. Who could blame you?

So why do you need Spotfire training or Power BI training? As intuitive as these tools are, everyone goes through a learning curve. Each dead end that a team member runs into has a cost, sometimes in lost days or weeks.

Experienced trainers know about common dead ends, and they share these gems in training. In addition to a structured overview of your data visualization software, Sportfire and Power BI training can lower project costs and risks.

Consider visualization training when you are new to the tool, when you have new people, and when the tools introduce new techniques.

When your organization is new to the software, even if you’ve used other visualization software before, you need training.

If you’ve been through Power BI training before, and you’ve picked up Spotfire without Spotfire training, you might think that one data visualization software tool is like another. And in some ways, they are: chart types, data manipulation steps, and menu items often follow best-practice conventions, making many programs seem familiar.

The problem is that many of these conventions have small but important differences. For example, in doing data preparations, some tools use a data flow or data canvas to perform data tasks in steps, visualized with a workflow. From using other tools, you may know that you need to aggregate one table of transactions and then join it to a customer table: but is a join the same thing as a “blend” or “mashup” or other terms that look like they could mean the same thing?

If you don’t know, then you probably need Power BI training or Spotfire training. Keep in mind that your users may be a lot less sophisticated as well. Selecting a visualization based on available data elements may be tricky in new tool even for a wiz in data visualization software.

How often do you add new people? Count: the results may surprise you.

At work, time passes quickly. A project can easily last weeks or months, and compared to this whirlwind of activity, it feels like your business world has stood still. But it hasn’t.

New people may have been hired, or you may have had turnover. Resources may have been re-allocated to another project, or you might have gained resources. Looking back after 3 months, 6 months, or a year, it’s not unusual to have 50% new people on your project, depending on the pace of your business.

Find the date when the last training occurred: how many of your current people attended? How many people were with you then, but could not attend the training? The number may surprise you.

Have you kept up with what’s new with your data visualization software? New technologies are delivered all the time, and some changes are big for your business.

Spotfire has enhanced its augmented intelligence to produce insights automatically. Was that topic in the last Spotfire training?

There was a new Power BI update in August, 2019. Does this update have capabilities or fixes that you have been anticipating? If so, it may be time to consider Power BI training.

Any additions, deprecated features, and fixes of known issues can affect your processes.

Syntelli Solutions provides data reporting and visualization services and advanced analytics workshops to help you and your team to get more from data visualization software.

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