The NFL season might be over, but we’re still excited to be able to gather & analyze data and create visualizations for fun!

We created another sentiment analysis in Tableau, this time, during the Super Bowl game between the Patriots and Seahawks.
Below you can see the geolocation of Twitter sentiment minute-by-minute, with green dots representing the Seahawks and blue dots representing the Patriots.

Also, you can see how the significant plays in the game correlate to spikes in Twitter sentiment. For example, around 9pm, after the Patriots intercepted and won, the sentiment of Patriots fans exploded, while that of Seahawk fans waned.

To interact: select line chart peaks and troughs to filter the map chart. Click on dots to view the tweets (a total of 711,000 tweets were collected!).

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Mario-Carloni_Syntelli-ProfileMario Carloni

Data Scientist
About Mario: Mario performs statistical analysis and reporting for Energy, Manufacturing, and Medical sectors. He is focused on analysing and visualising business logic to allow the discovery of systemic flaws. Prior to Syntelli, Mario was a Research Assistant at the Public Policy Center. While at PPC, Mario worked on social science research for evidence-based policymaking at the state, regional, and local levels for public, private, and nonprofit partners.

Mario received a B.A. in Political Science from the University of Massachusetts. While at UMass, Mario was International Orientation Leader, International Student Conversation Partner, and IT Assistant, gaining broad systems thinking at the technological and social level.