Syntelli and Spotfire

At Syntelli, we take great pride in our partnerships with leading companies in the Big Data Analytics space. As a TIBCO Spotfire partner, we help organizations leverage the power of their data to improve operations, performance and overall well-being.

Having served over 100 clients in multiple industries, such as Oil & Gas, Sports & Entertainment, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Insurance, and many others, has allowed us to bring innovative analytics solutions to a wide range of customer problems.

“Warren Buffet once said, ‘Investing is easy, making money is difficult,’” says our CEO Rishi Bhatnagar. “Similarly, making a dashboard is easy, getting insights is difficult. The great thing about Spotfire is that it’s easy and simple to use. It’s easy to make charts and graphs in Spotfire—but getting insight that actually moves the needle in terms of improved market share or improved profitability—that is not easy.”

Syntelli consultants are true Spotfire experts, having used the tool to deliver powerful and excellent results for our customers. This, in turn, has allowed Syntelli to experience a growth of 60% year-over-year.

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