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How to insert a Calculated Column

One of the greatest features of a visualization tool such as Spotfire is to be able to write custom calculated columns. With Spotfire X, “Add calculated column…” is one of the first options from the data tab. Once the window opens, the interface is identical to the previous versions.

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How to replace an existing data table

To replace a data table that is already loaded in Spotfire 10, go to the Data Canvas. From the top left corner, make sure the data table we wish to replace is selected from the drop-down. Then, click Replace and select the new source.

replace an existing data table syntelli solutions inc

How to reload data

With Spotfire X, the reload button has disappeared from the top taskbar. With this new version, “Reload data” is an option approximately halfway through the Data tab.

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Here it is! Now you know how to do the basic stuff in Spotfire. However, if you feel like the upgrade to TIBCO Spotfire 10 is a great opportunity to train your organization on the tool, feel free to reach out to us for a customized in-house training session!

Tebow Taquet, Analytics Associate

Tebow Taquet, Analytics Associate

Originally from France, Tebow (or Thibaut) joined Syntelli in 2015 as an intern, while pursuing his MBA in Finance from Winthrop University. Soon after obtaining his MBA with honors, he came on board full-time data wizard at Syntelli. In addition to being a former racecar driver, Tebow managed the U.S. branch of a private French school group and was a project lead for one of Las Vegas’ top attractions. With a background in business and graphic design, Tebow is a great asset to Syntelli’s project management and data visualization teams. His hard working personality, dedication, and attention to detail guarantee great deliverables.

When Tebow isn’t creating beautiful visualizations, you can find him running half-marathons in under 100 minutes!