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With Big Data and analytics companies flooding the market, it is often hard to find the best fit for your organization. Here is a compilation of the highest rated companies in the Big Data field, known for their innovation and business analytics tools. Big Data firms must have experience managing large volumes of data, should boast of the highest levels of security and should provide superior customer service.

Top Ten Big Data and Analytics Companies of Charlotte (in alphabetical order):

1. Arrowlytics – Arrowlytics offers cloud-based business intelligence and analytics solutions for healthcare providers. The company helps healthcare organizations to collect data from various sources into one system to aggregate and analyze the data with the help of one tool. The company allows healthcare providers to extract knowledge from this data that enable them to enhance decision making and remarkably improve results across all performances categories like operations, clinical quality, financial and patient satisfaction. The company makes it simple for organizations to set measurable goals and objectives to benchmark and drive performance within their organization.

2. CapTech Consulting – CapTech is a technology and management consulting firm that helps companies bridge the gap between businesses and technology by rendering services in the field of customer engagement, data & analytics and custom IT solutions. The company helps organizations to grow their business, turn data into powerful insights and engage with customers. It enables their clients to determine the right approach to discover vital business opportunities and trends, understand and improve the customer experience and help them make healthy and reliable decisions using the best technology for their firms.

3. Centric Consulting – Centric Consulting is a digital, business and technology consulting firm that works closely with their clients to help them transform their business. The company helps their clients build Big Data solutions that result in tangible results in an iterative manner and by using best-practice architectural design processes, they allow their clients to implement solutions that solve complex problems. The company’s detailed and disciplined approach allows clients to venture into Big Data in a highly effective and measured manner.

4. Nabler – Nabler is one of the leading digital analytics companies that businesses and digital agencies enhance and expand their skills and capabilities for gathering, organizing, reporting, and analyzing digital marketing data. Leveraging upon data and technology the company aims to empower their clients in making better and sound business decisions. The company pioneers in offering end-to-end strategic and tactical services to small, medium, and large enterprises and helps them get the best from their digital analytics investments. The company follows the best practices and standard procedures to ensure that the data of their clients are truly secure.

5. OneMagnify – OneMagnify offers brand and marketing strategy, data science, technology development, and program management and the company specialize in analytic-based marketing strategies. The company began its journey as a database marketing service provider with expertise in Big Data lately became a thriving, high-tech company specializing in advanced analytics and business intelligence. The company has gained a reputation in the data analysis sector and is regarded as a reliable company that analyzes customer data to discover opportunities, drive customer loyalty and boost sales. The company leverages upon data science to deliver smart solutions to all its clients.

6. Quaero – Quaero is a leading data management, marketing strategy and analytics solutions provider. It allows companies to gain insight into customer behavior to improve customer acquisition, increase engagement across channels and to drive new revenue. Some of the leading clients of the company include ESPN, ADP, M&T Bank, Keurig Green Mountain, AvidXchange, and Charter Communications. Quaero provides its clients with a more accurate enterprise view of customer behavior across all channels.

7. Slalom – Slalom is a highly scalable and purpose-driven service firm that assists businesses with solutions related to the business advisory, customer experience, technology, and analytics problems. In order to serve their clients in the best manner, the company perfectly blend design, product engineering, analytics, and automation to develop the latest technology products of tomorrow. The company specializes in complete technology transformations and innovation and help companies thrive at the intersection of data, business, and technology.

8. Stratifyd – Stratifyd is a tech company providing AI-powered data analytics solutions to enterprise companies and also provides data science research grade analytics solutions to worldwide companies. The company is at the forefront of innovation in data analytics and AI and prides itself in rendering high quality service and support besides being a customer focused firm. The company is a developer of a self-service data analytics and visualization platform having expertise in unstructured data analysis. This data analytics and visualization platform connects to any internal data source and external sources and enables analysis tasks to run ad-hoc by uploading a csv or Excel file.

9. Syntelli Solutions – Syntelli Solutions is data science and advanced analytics consulting company offering data-driven predictive solutions. The company allows their clients to grow their data intelligence capabilities with a keen focus on data science, analytics and data platform solutions and also allows them to perform Marketing & Sales Analytics, Supply Chain Analytics, Human Resource Analytics by offering tools, consulting and advisory services. The company unlocks the power of data and algorithms to build smarter businesses.

10. Tresata – The company provides Big Data services to banks and large retailers and the company’s service is based on a Hadoop analytics platform that allows clients to analyze and convert customer data into sales. This is a predictive analytics platform providing businesses with customer intelligence solutions. Big Data analytics company Tresata Inc. offers customer intelligence management software that offers insights into business imperatives like customer identity, marketing, risk and fraud.

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