So it’s a foregone conclusion that Jacksonville is the fastest growing city of Florida. The riverside location and deepwater port have made the city a transport and logistics hub. The city’s many banking and financial services companies, Fortune 500 companies, IT and manufacturing centers, insurance and media establishments have made Jacksonville a financial powerhouse.


Where business and industry thrive, data intelligence follows.

Is it a surprise that Jacksonville emerges as the playing ground for big data practitioners?

Here is a rundown on the top data science consulting firms in Jacksonville (in alphabetical order); many of which cater to a wide spectrum of services and functional roles within the data analytics space.

  1. Analytics Partners

The company focuses on health intelligence, and data warehouse and business intelligence solutions customized to the healthcare sector. Medical cost management, fraud, claims, risk assessments, and warehousing are some of the core functional areas.

  1. Black Night

Black Night offers dedicated software in analytics for the digital transformation of the mortgage industry, like home equity lending and servicing. Additionally, it publishes data-driven reports on the mortgage sector, making Black Night the go-to company for all problems related mortgage.

  1. ClearSense

This is another company catering to the healthcare sector for data maturity and business insights. It offers data-platform-as-a-service with end to end data integration for powerful decisions in real-time.

  1. EBC Data

EBC is a data analytics company offering services in big data with advanced models and algorithms to discover patterns in the data and provide predictive insights. It serves various industries like healthcare, banking and financial services, telecommunications, travel and entertainment, digital media, and manufacturing.

  1. Elogic Square

A provider in IT and IT Enabled Services, Elogic Square also offers consulting services in big data, analytics, social media insights, AI, Dev Ops and cloud consulting. Its flagship product ‘LogiCrunch’ crunches big data in the healthcare segment.

  1. ICube CSI

This company offers predictive analytics and data science consulting in consumer-facing industries like retails and eCommerce, pharmaceutical retail, and ERP applications.

  1. Intuceo

Intuceo offers a cloud-based strategy for its data science solutions. It leverages big data analytics and machine learning as a tool to uncover hidden insights from given data. Services range from big data engineering, AI, and Visual analytics.

  1. NLP Logix

NLP Logix uses advanced technologies for data science consulting across various sectors like non-profit, healthcare, HR and insurance for intuitive insights and business intelligence. It harnesses the power of AI for smart business automation and data-driven decision making.

  1. Syntelli Solutions Inc.

Syntelli offers cutting-edge data visualizations and predictive models using AI, data engineering and predictive analytics. The company also offers managed analytics-as-a-service. Its data intelligence solutions serve verticals like healthcare, manufacturing, supply chain, insurance, financial services, telecommunication and oil & gas.




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