Experts predict that 30% of companies will base decisions on graph technologies by 2023. This change and a shift to operationalizing AI may cause an increase in streaming data and analytics infrastructures.

Several AI techniques, including machine learning (ML), optimization, and natural language processing (NLP), have provided essential insights and predictions during the pandemic. These programs have helped scientists learn more about the spread of COVID-19 and determine the effectiveness of countermeasures.

Additionally, more companies are utilizing AI to improve their systems and analyze data. Syntelli Solutions can help you implement new techniques and train your team on their use.

What Is NLP AI?

Artificial intelligence (AI) encompasses a wide variety of processes and types of learning. To create intelligent machines, researchers use machine learning and deep learning algorithms that find patterns in enormous amounts of data using statistics. Companies like Netflix use machine learning to suggest movies or TV shows based on your past viewing.

Natural language processing is a field of artificial intelligence that uses several aspects of machine learning and deep learning to allow computers to analyze, understand, and manipulate human language in a meaningful way. 

Natural language, the way humans use speech and text to communicate, form the basis of NLP. Although we often express human language in text, computers cannot always easily comprehend it. Our language is too complicated and lacks the precise rules and structure that computers require.

Researchers developed NLP from computational linguistics to allow computers to understand human language. Companies can now use NLP-integrated computers to analyze texts quickly, allowing them to gain insights into their business or social trends.

Examples of NLP

Many companies and techniques today use NLP AI. Predictive text, spam filtering, smart assistants like Siri, voice-to-text, and text translation are all made possible by NLP. These techniques require more than just analyzing patterns in data; computers must understand human language to create responses.


How NLP Techniques Can Make Smarter AI


At Syntelli Solutions, we can help you use advanced NLP techniques to better understand your data and implement strategies to improve your business. We use reinforcement and distributed learning technologies to create more adaptable and flexible systems to handle complex business situations.

Many companies today are using applications of artificial intelligence tools to automate communications. Although computers cannot replace human customer service, an automated help bot can help direct your customers to the correct department or quickly answer simple questions.

NLP techniques, such as syntactic and semantic analysis, are used to automate communications and make your AI smarter. Instead of merely mining data, your AI will be able to understand human language and respond in kind.

Companies are also using AI to teach computers to recognize visual cues and decentralize decisions, utilizing deep learning and machine learning.

Building a Pre-Processing Pipeline

You can imagine how much text data is generated every day. This brings up an important question– how do we process it and convert it into structured data?

Why does Healthcare Need to Leverage AI to Save Lives?

The healthcare industry is one of the most popular industries for the implementation of artificial intelligence.

Using Text Analytics

Text analytics is a subset of NLP and enables data scientists to understand and analyze data and quickly gain insights. Unlike machine learning, text analytics tools can understand information directly from human language and can be used to analyze feedback from reviews.

Word clouds use text analytics to create an image out of words. Using NLP, a computer can determine the most popular words used to describe a company, idea, or person, creating a word cloud. Sometimes, data can be harder to understand in a table. Word clouds show the data differently, making it easier to analyze.

Topic models reveal the frequency of certain words in designated documents. You can use them to analyze customer reviews, internal documents, or publicity about your company.

Working with text analytics helps us to see data in a new light. You can use word clouds and topic models to better understand your customers’ needs, analyze survey data, or determine your website’s best keywords.

Work with Syntelli Solutions

If you want to use NLP techniques, text analytics, or machine learning to monetize your data, contact us through our online form or call us at (877) 796-8355. We can help you understand your data and design strategies to influence your customers, stakeholders, and suppliers.

Syntelli Solutions also enable non-technical users to perform analyses. We provide ongoing consulting services to keep you and your team up-to-date about new technologies and their implementation.

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