In the last decade, the term ‘digital’ has been thrown around more often than ‘google it’. Perhaps that’s the reason why the concept of digital transformation, when introduced to companies, was mildly misunderstood by them.

Digital transformation as a process it’s not only about moving all your company’s data to a cloud – it’s about modifying the way your company functions by incorporating new digital technologies in every area of the business. By doing digital transformation, your company will endure changes on an organizational and cultural level. That includes modification in internal communication and implementation of business models to improve current customer relationships and employee satisfaction.

It’s important to mention that there’s no universal definition of digital transformation. Ultimately, it’s about your company, employees, and customers and finding the most suitable technology for your business. As shown in one survey by TechRepublic, more and more companies are trying to incorporate digital transformation. By the end of 2018, 70% of the survey respondents were already doing digital transformation or planning to do. Plus, in comparison to the data from 2016 and 2017, there’s a 53% increase in digital transformation budgets overall.

It’s no surprise that companies are going digital, but what are the common benefits of it, and why digital transformation has become a determining factor for success?

Here are some of the most important benefits of digital transformation for businesses:


1. Better Customer Experience And Engagement 

Increasing user satisfaction it’s in the heart of any digital transformation. Almost 70% of world leaders have noticed a significant increase in user engagement and satisfaction from digital transformation. It helps companies in many areas regarding user engagement, such as:

  • More personalized customer journeys
  • Faster and more comprehensive user support service
  • A more agile approach to solving user’s problems
  • Maintain real-time communication by using an omnichannel strategy

Maintaining a positive brand image positive is any company’s primary goal and with digital transformation, that goal it’s easily achievable. 

2. Creates Digital Culture 

Digital transformation is all about how the company will apply and lead the employees through the process. Creating a culture of learning about digital tools will improve employees’ productivity, performance, and enjoyment and will increase their trust in the company’s vision. Your goal as a business is to have digital-savvy employees and although that may take some time, the end results are worth it. 

3. Brings Different Departments Together 

Contrary to popular belief, digital transformation can unite different departments more, not divide them. All it takes is finding the right communication tool and enough encouragement for everyone to try it – not to be averse about it! Also, to create a digital intelligent working atmosphere, any company needs strong leadership.

4. Data-Driven Decisions

Digital transformation will open the door to an extensive amount of data. Use that data to come up with better business decisions that will increase customer retention. There are two types of data: structured or personal customer information and unstructured data, the social media data, all of which you can use to create better customer journeys for your users.


5. Builds The ‘Always-Learning’ Mindset 

Life in the fast-paced society taught us that if we can’t adapt we’ll fail. That’s what digital transformation does too – it slowly builds up the mindset of a learner. Plus, businesses should always aim to be better than their competition and constantly to look for new ways to make use of digital tools.


To sum things up, there’s no if when it comes to digital transformation – right now, it’s a matter of when. If you can’t do it alone, Syntelli Solutions can always help you. With our comprehensive services and agile approach, we can help you start the digital transformation today. Our team of professional data scientists is always available to you, so feel free to contact us. 






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