There are currently 3.50 billion smartphone users around the world. With it, the possibilities of developing successful mobile BI strategies for your business are endless.

Here are some of the most relevant benefits of Mobile BI for your business:

1. Business On Wheels

More and more people are working remotely. Especially nowadays, during the coronavirus outbreak, as remote work has become essential to keep the economy going. For business purposes, employees are traveling between different locations more often than usual. If you are able to access your working dashboard from anywhere, anytime, your business effectiveness will skyrocket.

Mobile BI creates space for a creative expression of everyone in the team. Brainstorming ideas, sharing valuable insights, or developing new strategies is much easier because everyone has the same access to data.

2. Increased Performance Rates

One of the most important benefits of mobile business intelligence is data accessibility.

Getting a database update every second is the biggest perk because time is money.

Achieving targets and KPI’s through mobile devices has improved employee’s performance significantly. We found out this to be particularly true during this pandemic, as having remote access to business run workstations smoothly.

Access to real-time analytics enables every user to react faster and come up with a solution almost instantly. The entire decision-making process is much faster – instead of searching for relevant data, the data is available on your display.

3. Better Competitive Advantage

An effective mobile BI plan can increase your chances of becoming an industry leader in no time. Access to new data in real-time creates conditions for faster and more flexible adaptation to the market needs. Your sales or marketing team can develop new strategies in a respectable time-manner, ones that can definitely put your business on the spot.

The access of real-time data has given businesses a chance to capitalize, up-sell, manage, and cross-sell and with it, to cope with the dynamic changes in the market.

4. Improved Customer Satisfaction Faster

Mobile BI creates another benefit – a better customer experience. By providing faster, more reliable service, your company is able to increase customer satisfaction. Happy users are willing to share their positive experiences with the community and that’s the best marketing a company can encounter.

Additionally, since employees have access to real-time data, they’ll make valuable decisions faster – which saves a lot of time.

5. Top-Notch Network Security

One risk of having access to data is the chance to steal it. That’s why when it comes to mobile BI, there’s a protective shield around the platform for additional protection.

Secure communications, as a transmission of data, are done through Secure Socket Layer (SSL) or VPN connection. Another security layer is DES or AES along with an encrypted SSL tunnel, sent via 3G/4G or Wi-Fi. If by any chance, a device gets stolen with data on it, the data can be easily removed by the company’s mobile device management system.

These benefits are just the tip-of-the-iceberg – the pros list is much longer.

Here at Syntelli Solutions, we use our real-world data analytics experience to provide you with an effective solution and make sure you achieve a competitive advantage. Our data scientists can leverage your business’s data and your decision-making process will become faster.

Contact us if you want to know more about different data science solutions.



Shreyansh Thanvi, Analytics Associate

Shreyansh Thanvi, Analytics Associate

Shreyansh works with Syntelli’s Customer Information and Analytics team to determine business requirements, mine data from multiple sources, and perform data visualization and reporting to help our clients achieve their business goals.

With an M.S. in Information Technology from University of North Carolina specializing in Data Analytics, he enjoys working with large amounts of data, facts, and figures and using them to make informed decisions.


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