Big Data Analysis in the Oil & Gas Industry

crude oil concept graphic syntelli solutions inc
We work with many clients in the Texas oil and gas market and have plenty experience implementing Big Data analytics projects.

For example a major petroleum services company needed help with a Big Data analytics project. Our data specialists helped build a Hadoop-based architecture with an extension to Spotfire. More importantly, our team created custom connections between Hortonworks and Spotfire and enabled it via Kerberos. This enabled our customer’s data specialists to get access to and manage petabytes of data at a moment’s notice and analyze the data in real time.

Our initial projections suggest the data integration project will save the company over $200,000 in yearly labor costs, as well as improving production efficiency by 2 to 3%. In this case, disparate data types were compiled into business intelligence reports, filled with the most relevant information and ready for analysis and decision making.

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