Predictive Analytics Solutions in Retail & CPG

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We’ve helped several Fortune 500 retail clients reach their business goals to streamline operations with Big Data technologies. Built on Hadoop, Flume, Hive and BusinessWorks, these solutions have helped our retail clients make sense of their data and other relevant information. Our predictive analytics solutions enable clients to interpret consumer trends and anticipate customer demand.

Our solution for our retail customer includes TIBCO Spotfire and development on their Hadoop paltform. Spotfire dashboards, which provide a clear picture of existing inventory, current and potential demand and the competition’s next move. By having access to this vital information, our customer’s business users can synchronize its pricing model as often as needed to reflect the product sales and match merchandising objectives.

Segmentation of consumers has also enabled our clients to better serve their key target markets, by providing sales promotions at the right time and place.

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