The Power of Attribution Modeling in Omni-Channel Marketing

Large Manufacturer of Appliances
Business Need:
Mapping the consumer experience to identify behaviors that occur at targeted points and developing insights in order to positively influence the process and drive consumer behaviors
  • Lack of insights on how to effectively target the consumer, resulting in increased ad spend without a direct link to revenue results
  • Understanding what web content drives sales
  • Understanding which marketing media channels contribute to sales
  • Syntelli’s data science team calculated consumer lifetime value to provide value for the consumer throughout product ownership and ongoing laps around the consumer experience
  • Built marketing science practice with: net present value, forecasting, record matching and a data lake
  • Built models that estimated historical contribution of all marketing media channels and pricing strategy to sales
Value Added:
  • Created a relationship graph of all inbound consumer website activity
  • Established a link between “Where to Buy” web searches and sales activity
  • Identified web content, product pages, and search activity that are predictors of sales
  • Built a consumer lifetime value model which allowed better determination of marketing spend to maximize value of marketing and products to consumers

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Deriving Accurate Insights with Data Visualization

A global medical equipment manufacturer
Business Need:
Setting up Spotfire dashboards for its business analytics unit for quicker and accurate decision making
Increase in time spent on compiling data rather than deriving insights on manufacturing processes and identifying opportunities for improving efficiency
  • Syntelli’s data specialists designed and developed dashboards to meet the client’s requirements
  • Each report was created to enable business users to instantly pull and save their daily reports to forward to their managers
  • The dashboard reports tracked everything from the types of products manufactured, to the length of time products take to be manufactured, where each product is located and by what production process
Value Added:
  • With just a few clicks, business users could easily tell which products bring in the most revenue, which have the largest manufacturing volume, which are most expensive to make, and which take the longest to manufacture
  • The solution which was implemented and is now being maintained by Syntelli Solutions, supports over 1,200 users

Managing Growth with MAaaS

A large specialty chemicals company
  • High visibility of a larger product sold by the company combining data from various sources including IoT sensors
  • Customized dashboards in line with company’s graphic guidelines
  • Scalability of the environment based on project growth
  • Low tolerance for issues due to direct impact on product perception
  • Custom built Ticketing System to support MAaaS & MDP offerings in terms of issue response & resolution
  • User-friendly online system, accessible 24x7 by authorized users
  • Server environment deployed & managed on AWS virtual machines for adaptability & ease of maintenance
  • Regular health check of environment to anticipate potential issues
Value Added:
  • Exponential user growth month over month
  • No unplanned downtime since launch of project in 2016
  • Expert database management for efficient change requests or issue resolution
  • Implementation & deployment of solutions in terms of ETL to respond to new requirements

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