Establishing an Enterprise Scale Chief Data Officer Business Model

Fortune 500 Healthcare IT Leader
Syntelli helped a healthcare leader establish its first Chief Data Officer function, unlocking multi-million dollar revenue and efficiency returns.
Use Case:
Syntelli engaged in the early inception of a federated data management and governance initiative. Leveraging its roots in data strategy, advanced analytics and enterprise architecture, Syntelli quickly expanded its business value proposition in collaboration with the enterprise data leader proposing an enterprise scale Chief Data Officer business model. Successful collaboration and negotiation with the newly identified Chief Data Officer and its C-level executives, laid the foundation of the new CDO department. During its first 100 days, multiple data governance, master data management and analytics pilot-initiatives leveraged early returns, convincing the clients’ executive sponsors to engage all critical business units to further invest in the new CDO organization. Through the top-down & bottom-up business alignment model, the business/data/technical stewards realized value, lead by their selected ‘chief data stewards’, unlocking multi million dollar use cases in 6 business units. Syntelli helped build the vision, strategy and execution with a dysfunctional, silo-ed data model to an enterprise fully operative and cross-collaborative CDO initiative, driven by the business unit leaders and the CIO organization.

Calculating Patient Re-admission Risk for Optimal Pricing

Regional Healthcare Provider
As this regional healthcare Provider was transforming itself into Accountable care organization (ACO) they realized that they didn’t have a good handle of the readmission risk of the population. Syntelli Solutions helped regional health care provider with readmission risk calculations for CABG (Coronary Artery Bypass Graft) treatment.
  • Syntelli Solutions created multiple risk profiles based on patient’s demographics, medical history, diagnostics and other relevant information.
  • Build a multi-variate analysis model that predicted the likelihood of re-admissions for the population and created risk distribution models that helped hospital administrators identify the optimal pricing range for the CABG service.
  • This helped the provider negotiate better pricing with payors. Syntelli has trained the provider and handed over the model to apply it on other treatments.

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Matching Treatment Plans with Accurate Customer Segments

Medical Wellness company
Medical Wellness company has challenges getting the right balance between the target customers and their treatment plans. Not able to record the data efficiently hence facing challenges on data collation, discovery etc.
  • Syntelli Solutions created web portals, diagnostic portals to collect the customer demographic and diagnostic data.
  • Helped in Data discovery, ingestion and transformation; data integration with lab work and results. Based on the data collected, Syntelli Solutions has created patient analytics and suggested the right treatment plans for the right group of customers.
  • Created dashboards for customers to see the progress on their prescribed treatment plan, how they are responding to the treatment, comparative analysis within similar sample group.
  • These models helped the client in better customer segmentation and profiling which helped them focus only on those customer bases that responded well to their treatment plans.

Enhancing Organizational Efficiency with Simplified Data Visualization

Nation’s leading healthcare organization providing a full spectrum of healthcare and wellness programs
Healthcare organization needs to track metrics more effectively for its neuroscience unit in a hospital.
Syntelli created dashboards using Tableau software to track metrics associated with the important features unique to:
  • Neuroscience unit in a hospital including: Inpatient/outpatient information, how long their stay was, operation information, doctor’s visits, length of doctor’s visits, number of patients per doctor, patient’s expectation survey results, etc.
  • Sepsis dashboards tracking several metrics associated with important features unique to a sepsis unit in a hospital.
  • Fragility Fractures dashboards tracking metrics associated with important features unique to a bone fracture unit in a hospital.
  • Request system dashboards tracking metrics associated with work hour management for the Tableau/support team including work hours and projects.

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