Operational & Efficiency Throughput

[CUSTOMER] A radiology practice

[BUSINESS NEED] better understanding of operational processes.

The company needed a better understanding of operational processes from scheduling to discharge, for more efficient acquisition and allocation of resources; and also better business insights into daily operations.

Master Data Management for Pharma

[CUSTOMER] A technology-enabled pharmaceutical solutions company

[BUSINESS NEED] legacy Omni customer, the client struggled to implement the solution internally.

Contact Data Harmonization & Deduplication

[CUSTOMER] An Orthodontist (Healthcare) Practice

[BUSINESS NEED] bad contact master list would not only hamper or slow down the digital marketing efforts, it could eventually impact its success.

To run effective digital marketing campaigns and to measure their effectiveness, a concise contact list must be available along with reliable email addresses, a connection to accounts if possible, and well-defined classifications of contacts.

Market Share Analysis

[CUSTOMER] A radiology practice

[BUSINESS NEED] The company needed to identify a more strategic approach to placement of resources for the most impact.

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