Big Savings and Faster Time to Market Using A Data Lake

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Syntelli’s data visualization specialists create a series of dashboards to help the client’s customers in decision making about retirement.


A large nonprofit, nonpartisan organization that helps people 50 and older to improve the quality of their lives

Business Need:

A common decision that people make in life is where to retire. It would be ideal to have a tool to help members make this decision based on what is important to them.

  • Survey data is not currently in business friendly terminology.
  • Lack of expertise in house to build an analytics and visualization platform
  • Built Interactive dashboard based on survey results
  • Dashboards would cover survey topics
  • Host these dashboards on company website
  • Change survey data terminology into user friendly terminology
Value Added:
  • Members now have a resource for making important decisions on where to retire
  • Dashboards will generate more web traffic to company website
  • These dashboard results give the company insights in how to offer services to members from different areas in US
  • Users will easily understand the information presented in the dashboards

Tableau, SPSS

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