Master Data Management

Improve Data Consistency, Accuracy, Reliability & Compliance

Syntelli’s Master Data Management (MDM) service is a comprehensive method of managing data that enables a company to link all of its critical data into a single data set; it effectively creates one common point of reference, or a “single version of the truth,” for the entire enterprise.

In the absence of an enterprise MDM solution, enterprises face these challenges:

  • Poor business adoption and confidence of ERP, CRM, SCM, DW and BI implementations
  • Data consolidation across multiple disparate systems and data sources
  • Runaway costs due to data quality issues and process inefficiencies
  • Regulatory pressures due to Reconciliation challenges, Consumer privacy laws and SOX compliance

Effective Master Data Management solutions allow businesses to better leverage their data to save money, build confidence in their customer base, gain efficiencies across the enterprise, and improve their overall business intelligence and decision making.

Possibly the single most important gain from the use of MDM tools, after data integrity and accuracy, is the improved collaboration and operational efficiency that results from aligning internal and external groups, and the organization and operational data they use. If done correctly, data sharing between systems, personnel, and departments becomes seamless and streamlined.

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MDM Benefits


  • Efficient and accurate financial and risk reporting
  • Enhanced ability for regulatory compliance


  • Single view of customer
  • Better customer insight and interactions to provide customized services
  • Ability to recognize cross-sell and up-sell opportunities


  • Enables faster launch of targeted products
  • Improved operational efficiency


  • True patient intelligence by linking and matching patient records
  • Enforcement of information privacy
  • Improved clinical information management

Why work with Syntelli?

  • Ability to provide advisory, consulting, implementation and sustainable services in a technology agnostic manner
  • Skilled, experienced resources with expertise in leading MDM technologies
  • Solution approach and process based on proven methodology
  • Industry aligned MDM Standards & Best Practices
  • Ability to define and implement successful Governance Framework
  • Supported by full range of Data solutions and services
  • Flexible approach that delivers maximum value for our clients’ MDM program, and support after implementation
  • Partnership and alliances with leading MDM software vendors

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